Hellcats: Casting for Marti's Father

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On next week's new episode of Hellcats (previewed below), Marti will ask her mom for more information about her father.

While we'll have to wait for "Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep)" to air before learning Wanda's response, we can already reveal a few items about Marti's dad, who viewers will meet on the May season finale:

  • His name is Rex.
  • Casting notices describe him as an "aging rocker with a long history of alcohol and drug abuse."
  • He'll re-enter Marti's life as an ex-con who is supposedly clean and sober.

Look for Rex Perkins to recur on season two. Got any suggestions about who ought to portray him?


Steve Perry would be a good choice for Marti's father. He even looks a bit like the actress who plays Marti.


I think Brett Micheals will make a better choice though.


either billy ray cyrus or brett micheals...lol!!

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