Henry Ian Cusick to Star in New Shonda Rhimes Pilot

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Lost star Henry Ian Cusick is returning to ABC with a lead role on new Shonda Rhimes pilot about professional fixer Olivia Price and her dysfunctional staff, TV Line reports.

Cusick will play the male lead on the show - a handsome, intense and brilliant litigator who works for Olivia. Price is based on the real-life PR guru and "fixer," Judy Smith.

Smith served as a White House press aide under President George H.W. Bush, then counseled Monica Lewinsky, Michael Vick and other embattled stars in a PR capacity.

Cusick on Lost

Kerry Washington has been cast as the lead in Shonda's new pilot, which, if picked up, would give her four ABC shows (Off the Map, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy).

Cusick started off as a recurring character on Lost before being promoted to series regular as Scottish solder Desmond Hume. Are you excited to see him back on TV?

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Carino mio, Avete recibro mi email por ti? Dejame saber tan pronto, porque yo te amo, y necessito mucho. Hasta Luego, Annie.


Hey, there Carino! Lost access to my own computer. Can you send reply to my email, perhaps through Paula and Thelka? I'd still like to get together on more script projects, short or long. Write soon, perhaps with a name I recognize so that no one who breaks in can tell its you. Me encanta de ti, carassoso. Tu me manques. All my love,
Annie Woods Cusik.


WOOHOOOOOO!!! I will watch him in anything.




@PrincessD: No.


I happy to see Henry Ian Cusick back on ABC!! .
Her fouth Show... Prop!!


That woman is definitivaly very energetic! 4 shows? really, I think she doesn't sleep!


Yes, yes, yes!
THRILLED to know Ian will be back on TV!!!


Can't wait to see him back on TV! He was amazing on Lost & I know he will be great in whatever he does next :D


@Aries93 I think u should give Off The Map a try. It is definitely a good show.