NBC Announces Premiere Date for Friday Night Lights Season 5

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It's currently airing on DirecTV, and it will be released on DVD on April 5, but Friday Night Lights will eventually make it to NBC for its fifth and final season.

In fact, the network has just announced a premiere date for the beginning of the end in Dillon, Texas: new episodes will air Friday nights at 8 p.m., starting on April 15.

Our Favorite Coach

This is how we'll feel when Friday Night Lights concludes.

TV Fanatic spent awhile debating the best way to cover the unique airing of this incredible show, and we've chosen to treat it like any other NBC series.

Therefore, starting with the April 15 premiere, you can look forward to in-depth Friday Night Lights reviews on a weekly basis, complete with the latest quotes, photos, analysis and more. Bring a box of Kleenex. It's gonna be an emotional ride.

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Like all quality shows, this is being dropped. It and the Law and Orders are the only thing left on NBC that I watch. I guess the L & O's are next. They keep expanding Donald Trump. Gimme a break!!


No chance the show is coming back in its present form. After season 4, the cast took a short break, and immediately filmed season 5. Then the houses in Austin that were rented for the sets were given up and the field given back to the Del Valle school system. Filming ended last July and the actors are all on new projects. There was talk of Coach and Connie moving to a new city but haven't heard anything more about that.


Awesome show, great actors and writers. I looked forward to every episode. Brought back some great memories of playing senior football in Ontario Canada, its a great team sport. The football scenes were great, but the stories and characters made the show.


I am a hip 60 year old ny professional who had no difficulty identifying with the interesting and complex charectors set in a rural Texas town. NBC has again managed to underestimate the intelligence of it's viewers and ruined a terrific show. Any chance it will be picked up ny a cable station and continue?


This is really sad that this show is ending. I hate how they went with direct tv but if it saved the show for 2 seasons it was worth it. It's like it was to mature for kids and most adults didn't give it a good look. Shame, great characters, great writing and one great Show!!!


You can depend on the networks to saturate the airwaves with these stupid reality shows that only nitwits watch. Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows to be on in years and NBC decides to cancel it. The only show I watch on NBC and they get rid of it. This is why NBC is the worst network on the air. FNL shows us how things really are in high schools today, especially in Texas. I'm a proud Texan and love Friday Night Lights.


NBC makes no sense. Why air the show AFTER it comes out on DVD. More reason not to tune in to NBC to watch it. I can buy the DVD and watch at my leisure without breaks.


Thanks a hell of a lot MEL. Way to ruin it.


If I ever find out who Mel is, I'm going to kill him/her. What kind of asshole posts a spoiler on a page that announces a premiere date -- you fucking fucktard.


This is one of the best shows on television today. It's simply amazing how networks cater to the mass of idiots that follow those stupid reality shows that make fun of overweight people, mentally challenged survivors, underachieving cooks, etc....What is our world turning into???? Have they run out of ideas or is our society that F__ked UP?

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Friday Night Lights Quotes

Coach: You may never know how proud I am of you.
Vince: You changed my life Coach.

I could tell you this kid right here's got more heart than almost any person you know.

Buddy Garrity

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