NBC Announces Premiere Date for Friday Night Lights Season 5

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It's currently airing on DirecTV, and it will be released on DVD on April 5, but Friday Night Lights will eventually make it to NBC for its fifth and final season.

In fact, the network has just announced a premiere date for the beginning of the end in Dillon, Texas: new episodes will air Friday nights at 8 p.m., starting on April 15.

Our Favorite Coach

This is how we'll feel when Friday Night Lights concludes.

TV Fanatic spent awhile debating the best way to cover the unique airing of this incredible show, and we've chosen to treat it like any other NBC series.

Therefore, starting with the April 15 premiere, you can look forward to in-depth Friday Night Lights reviews on a weekly basis, complete with the latest quotes, photos, analysis and more. Bring a box of Kleenex. It's gonna be an emotional ride.

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Wtf thats low this show is the bomb and they should keep making them and airing it. come on this is one alsome show. to take it away. like theres anything better to watch on that channel.keep the flipping show.gosh theres people out there that like the show and if NBC Cant open there eyes and see that. wow. then there dumb keep friday night lights going its a alsome tv show- seasons.


So tired of lame reality shows comon get rid of a amazing show like this with some amazing actors for that crap NBC you sadden me not like you have anything else worth watching on this channel sigh FNL i will miss it


I played football in Texas many years ago, but this great show captures the true effect highschool football has on a Texas community. It is incredible. It is crazy to drop it.


I already watched season 5 online. Amazing. SPOILER: Matt and julie get engaged! (:


The show's greatness led to its doom. I think the reason its ending is because most of the actors that make up the core characters have either moved on to other shows or movies, or will soon. I'm wondering if they'll ever do a reunion show, where Saracin marries Julie, or something like that.


FNL is absolutely the best series that has come along in quite some time. I agree with all of you who wonder why the networks would let a great series like this dissolve. It's a shame we have to lose this quality show while total trash stays on the air. I have worked in a public high school for the past 17 years. My advise to any parent of a teenager is "if you want to know what is going on in your teens life tune in to FNL this is reality TV at its finest". I can honestly say I have not missed one episode of this series. It's about the only thing I watch on TV. The characters and storylines are amazing. The chemistry between the actors is incredible. It's a crying shame that the networks are going to let this one get away!


Love this show have been trying to find out when it was coming back on. Now only to find out it being cancelled. Maybe CBS will pick it up now that Charlie screwed up Two and A Half Men.


Don't think of it as being canceled. Think of it as ending, while it's still good and has heart, and before Fonzie jumps a shark.


I am a FNL fan, I am from mexico, and i just cant believe NBC is going to cancel this amazing show. It,s a huge mistake


They take this brillant show off the air the coach is a incrdiable actor along with l the cast and bring more lame reality shows really com on ill take FNL over any realiry show anytime. Where NBC freakin head and ABC Family shame on u for taking the re runs off and leaving other lame ones

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Friday Night Lights Quotes

Coach: You may never know how proud I am of you.
Vince: You changed my life Coach.

I could tell you this kid right here's got more heart than almost any person you know.

Buddy Garrity

Friday Night Lights Music

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Muzzle of bees Muzzle of Bees Wilco iTunes
Song Evergreen The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Song Bang a Gong (Get it On) T. Rex