Video: Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl Set

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This video from the set of Gossip Girl shows part of a scene with Dan and Blair. It's nothing too remarkable, but it's still a fun behind-the-scenes look at our favorite show.

Besides, unlike SOME Gossip Girl spoilers out there, you can see this is actually Dan with Blair, not some European Prince guy. People need to get their story straight.

Oh wait, that was us. Sorry guys. Anyway, enjoy:

We ask again ... should Dair couple up?

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I agree Nicole!! Leighton is doing her job just like the rest of us in the world so I think she has every right to be like that!! Because she really is doing her job as an actress!!


I didn't get any of the dialogue... we've had 3 seasons of Chair, thank god for a break, DAIR are much more exciting, more entertaining and funnier to watch. Bring it on! 56% want DAIR.


In Leighton's defence it can't be easy for them doing scenes on location with constant distractions from photographers and fans. She has a job to do too. I'm not sure what will become of the Blair and Dan friendship but they both understand what it feels like to be treated badly by an ex they are obviously still in love with. I guess that's what makes their friendship so sweet they are helping each other through a rough patch.

Sara gossipgirl thevampirediaries

"Blair will have not good relations with Serena beacause of smth that could happened between Dan and Blair, so when Louis comes Blair will agree to marry him... Chuck will fight for the Bass Ind. with Jack (his uncle)and Rassel Thorpe. And Chuck will learn that Raina has slept with Nate. Chuck and Blair somehow will spent a very passionate night together for the LAST time to understand what do they have to do to be happy in the future..what do they need... So, during this night Rassel will decide to ruin everything what Chuck has and Rassel will burn the part of the Empire Hotel and somehow kill his daughter Raina in the fire.. Blair will leave with Louis to Monaco, after that Chuck will be accused of burning and Raina's death, and he would now that his alibi is a night that he has spent with Blair but because he wouldn't want to ruin Blair's ROYAL future he won't tell about this night and will go to prison... " omg that is soooo dramatic i wish that blair would know that chuck is in prison then COME TO THE RESCUE then he would tell her he would NOT and could NOT ruin her life and then she tells him that he couldn't ever do that because she loved him no matter how or what he did and that she loves him and will always love him then he would propose to her and she says YES!!! happy ending ;D


ever since i watched GG3 where dan asked her to dance i've fallen inlove with DAIR from that moment .. i like B with C but for now lets have some B and D where they do cute stuff together ..
i really wish to see them together not as a friend - secret friend but as a lovers .. btw is louis will be coming in the UES ????? nooooo !!! how was suppose to happen the DAIR dream if Loius will be coming for B .. :[


WFT... I personally LOVE Leighton but her reaction with the photographers was a bit bitchy/Diva .... don`t you think? Leighton/Blair: 'I asked you guys nicely and you would have gotten a picture of me!' Oh well I guess she was tired, but that`s not an excuse to be rude :)


I'm already upset with stephanie and josh. They toyed with us all this time. Its really not funny. I love dan & blair together they are so cute. But I know its not gonna happen.


did any body understand any dialog? i only got blair saying "excuse me" and later "why are you"


How said Louis was coming back?


yeah. isn't this clip for the next episode? blair's hat, dan's attire. uhhhmmmm.


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