Video: Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl Set

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This video from the set of Gossip Girl shows part of a scene with Dan and Blair. It's nothing too remarkable, but it's still a fun behind-the-scenes look at our favorite show.

Besides, unlike SOME Gossip Girl spoilers out there, you can see this is actually Dan with Blair, not some European Prince guy. People need to get their story straight.

Oh wait, that was us. Sorry guys. Anyway, enjoy:

We ask again ... should Dair couple up?

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Leighton's reaction to the photographers put me off her slightly.
'I asked you guys nicely!'
They're only doing their job!!


yes this scene is from next episode and she avoids him,not like interesting in Dan. I think they will end see each other to hurt serena , in this episode. rest of season will be about blair chuck and lois


Isn't this scene from the next episode, Feb 28? Maybe that's a different hat, I don't know. If so, seems odd that we're getting a clip of it now, when it must have been filmed a long time ago. I hope they're not just teasing us with all this Dan/Blair stuff, and then we'll be left with only Louis/Blair/Chuck for the rest of the season. Criminy! I'd pick Louis!


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