April and Stark?! Sarah Drew Speaks on Unexpected Grey's Anatomy Romance

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It's probably safe to say that few Grey's Anatomy fans saw this one coming. Grey's Anatomy fans have seen Izzie get freaky with a ghost, too, so that's saying something.

After Dr. Stark (Peter MacNicol) awkwardly asked April out at the end of the last week's episode of the ABC drama, Sarah Drew says she was as shocked as viewers were.

But, she adds, this interesting new pair will make a lot more sense soon.

April and Dr. Stark

Raise your hand if you predicted this love connection. Anyone?

After the next new episode, which will jump forward a month from where we left off, "we’ve been on several dates at that point,” Drew tells EW this morning.

“She sees a side to Dr. Stark that he doesn’t show to anyone else at the hospital, and she finds that part endearing ... I think they enjoy the companionship.”

But it’s companionship that will no doubt come with a few wagging fingers, skepticism and commentary from viewers - not to mention April's fellow residents.

“You get an insight into what’s going on. It’s funny and a little sad and sweet,” she says. “But we have never done anything like this on Grey’s Anatomy."

"It’s usually gorgeous men like Jesse Williams taking his shirt off and getting it on in the on-call room. We haven’t really seen this kind of a thing before."

"I think it’s fun.”

Hmm. Thoughts on what she means by that? Here's what she doesn't mean:

“I’m almost positive she’s not losing her virginity by the end of the season. The latest I’ve heard from the writing room is that she’s going to hold on to it for some time,” she says. “I think they’re really planning to take care of that and make it really beautiful and really sweet and develop that story.”

What do you think of this latest Grey's Anatomy romance? Discuss!

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No no no no no no, How old is he? How old is she O.o I don't even wanna think. This is so not right!


I think April and Owen will have a thing. Owen and Cristina are having problems. The baby things is getting in the way and they may part ways for a bit. Do I think they will get back together. Yes. However, during the rebound he hooks up with April. However, I think Stark is the better choice. She seems so out of place. I can't really picture her with anyone on the show.


Love, Love, Love it!!! I like that there is another side to him.


For sure it sounds creepy and yuk, but I think it's still more interesting than other relationships currently going on in the show besides Mer/Derek.


There must be something wrong with April if she said yes to going on a date with Stark i can't see them being together..Stark's like
the biggest asshole ever he's serious and needs to lighten up big
time he's like Erica who was also serious


This is still creepy. Stark's an asshole (but I ADORE Peter MacNichols!!!) and April is just....weird (and a useless character...I wanted her to get shot during the finale). Creepy. The age difference doesn't bother me...it happens people...but the personalities are just a creepy combination....yup creepy LOL


it sounds weird and a bit creepy, but Peter MacNicol has done a wonderful job at playing Stark so far, so this might turn out interesting.
And above all I will just be grateful for any storyline that takes away airtime from the horrible Calslona SL.


i don't really like April, so i don't really care with whom she will end up with, but maybe if she looses her big V, she will be less annoying. and maybe if she does it with Stark then he will be less of a jerk who cuts off legs to 15 year old girls.
i will probably be hated here for this comment but that's what i think.
besides April isn't exactly a spring chicken, she is a virgin, she is annoying, she isn't exactly beautiful (just more or less cute) and there isn't a line of guys lining up for. she doesn't have anyone to choose from, she is a bit desperate, or at least she should be, thus the Stark situation.
pls don't hate me, i love all the other characters, every single one of them.


At first, I was like.... "Oh, wow, that's creepy" like every one of you. But then I thought I might be really interesting how that plays out, I'm kinda looking forward to see what happens next. It's really something that they never done before on the show, they always show dreamy and handsome couples, but we never have seen a relationship like this, that disfunctional, and like someone here said, if the writers play it right, it might turn, maybe not a real couple, but into a charming little story.


This is just all sorts of yuck. The actors have an almost 30 year age difference between them and they've hyped April up as "Super Virgin." To have her with an old man is just sort of creepy.

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