Blake Lively Featured in New Chanel Campaign

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Chanel’s newest face, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, is a vision (a double vision, you could even say) in her new advertisement for the brand’s Mademoiselle handbags.

Shot by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld in the company’s Paris HQ, the photos are the first in a series which will appear in April magazines. Needless to say, she's beautiful.

Lively’s new role was announced in January, when Lagerfeld called her “kind of an American dream girl.” That's high praise, but ... is anyone arguing? Here's one ad:

Blake Lively Chanel Ad

MADEMOISELLE: The first in a series of Blake Lively's ads for Chanel.

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postive comments only plzzzzz!!!!! save the negativity for some where else!!


@Sam if u don't like ppl bashing blake... then don't bash leighton. personally, although i am not a blake fan per say, i do agree that she is a true american beauty and fits the campaign well.


everyone is entitled to their own opinion. everyone is entitled to choose a side: leighton or blake. some are entitled to be fans of both. i'm a leighton fan because i think the girl is a classic beauty... there's a certain elegance about her. but i don't appreciate the comments that are disrespectful & mean to blake. the people who find the need to bash blake should get off this site & stay at leighton's offical fan page. this site is in support of all characters & all of their other projects.


@Sam - can you please give us a link to an article where it specifically states that Blake was chosen before Leighton for the Vera Wang campaign...just out of curiosity. Thanks :)


Even though I'm a Leighton fan ATW, I have to say it: The more weight Blake loses, the more mannish she looks. She looked a lot more prettier in season 1 when she was a little more heavy.


@Sam Dont generalize -- not everyone who doesnt like Blake are Leighton fans. Stop making excuses! Blake gets enough dislike on her own merit. Just because ppl doesnt like her, gives you the right to just go off and be rude. Its their opinion, respect that and you will be respected in return.


@Sam Have you ever gone to ONTD? If you havent you should just to see how much hate Blake gets. The haters are not even Leighton or GG fans!


@Sam Don't be ill-mannered. So beneath you.


Never realized how low class leighton fans can be. Oh and trust me I know you guys are cause you wouldn't have brought up leighton if you weren't. But let me just leave you with one thought: that Vera Wang add you guys are talking about, yea Blake got approached about it BEFORE leighton but we all know what happened and why Blake declined so we can all see these amazing ads. Idc what anyone says she's gorgeous and all the hatred can gtfo!


I may not like the way she speaks and talks, but Blake is really a stunning girl. Her ads are beautiful. I'm happy for her even at first I didn't agree with the decision but whateva! Congrats Blake !!!

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