Chyler Leigh Previews Tonight's Grey's Anatomy

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It's an emotional roller-coaster for Lexie when Grey's Anatomy returns tonight.

Chyler Leigh tells TV Line that the opening scene of this week’s episode, featuring Lexie and Jackson, picks up where we left off. And that means it gets “a bit steamy ... not, like, literally steamy - it’s not a shower scene again! - but it involves other equipment.”

What the ... never mind. As for where she sees this new couple going?

Cutie Lexie

“I think they support each other, care about each other and it’s easy for one another to talk to each other about whatever they need or whatever want - things like that.”

“They’re both in the same place in their lives, and they also have the physical attraction to one another, so ... it’s Grey’s Anatomy, so they want sex,” the actress adds.

Interactions between Lexie and Mark, meanwhile, have been few and far between, largely because of the plenty complicated baby drama he’s got going with Calzona.

How does Chyler assess that situation?

“Lexie got pretty rocked by the whole thing," she says. "It was a breaking point for her, so her involvement [with all of that] so far hasn’t been too much.”

Tensions from that are likely to boil over: “There’s a run in between [them] that’s a bit awkward,” Leigh says of the baby shower. “It’s one of those moments.”

By season’s end, Leigh reckons, “Something will have to come to a head." In the meantime, Lexie and Jackson will be singing a happy tune. Sort of literally.

“I’m singing ‘Breathe (2 AM)’ by Anna Nalick, and Sarah Drew (April) and I both do the chorus on a song called ‘Grace,’” the mother of three shares.

“And In ‘Walking On Sunshine,’ by Jesus Jackson, I do a part in there.”

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wow. my fav. character and my fav. actress singing my fav. song on my fav. show. LOL
i really hope she and mark will get back together :)


You know, rs... If the songs can't possibly mean anything to the actors then they can't possibly mean anything to you, either. After all, YOU weren't on the show when they were used. Grow up. Just because an actor/actress wasn't on the show when a song aired doesn't give them any less right to sing it.


I for one understand why people would be angry about some of the actors and actresses singing some of these songs when they haven't been in the show for that long or were even on the show when these songs were aired with an episode, but it's about who can sing. Imagine Sandra Oh singing Grace or Patrick Dempsey singing Breathe. It may sound good, but you need a voice for the song. I'll grant that some of these actors and actresses may not have the best singing voices, but never judge a book by it's cover. These people may astonish you with their voices.
Anyway, on the article, I trust Chyler's words and I know that considering the twist Shonda can have, that the season finale could be really good. Mainly considering because Private Practice will not have a "OMG!" finale. So Shonda is probably working on Grey's Anatomy. So I trust her and whatever she'll bring to the table. :)


so many negative nancy's. im excited...i dont care if there hype or not im excited for every episode thats left!

Gaby ee

I agree with @ohno. I really can't see how they are going to get enough hype for the final episodes of the season.


Enough about Jackson and Lexie. There was already an article about them posted this week.


With all the hype for 7.18 how on earth are they going to getthe hype going for the following four episodes??


WEll that has ruined 'Grace ' for me, Kepner doing the chorus


It's hard to stomach having these newbies singing these iconic Grey's songs when they mean nothing to them.

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