Classic Gossip Girl Moments: The Dan-Blair Kiss

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We were promised a major Gossip Girl cliffhanger involving Dan and Blair, and boy did we get it. Here's another look at the (possible) couple's climactic scene last night.

The ending of "Empire of the Son" was not just the culmination of this episode, but the last six, during which we've watched Dair's relationship grow, and flourish.

Where does Dair go after this? Was it really just one kiss? It's very much up in the air, but this moment is guaranteed to have fans buzzing until April 18 rolls around.

There's no doubt that the chemistry of Dair has been fun to watch this winter, and plenty of nonbelievers have been won over. But should it last? That's another story.

What do you think: Should Dan and Blair become a real couple?

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Dair is winning the pole!! :)


i do really think that we should give dair a chance not only because their such a cute couple with a sense of childishness and understanding but also because to give blair and dan options other than chuck and serena, respectively. i mean this could be a urn of events you know, and could be very much exciting. we all know that serena and dan had been together in season 1 and despite serena having so many love interests dan remained in love with her which was pretty much unfair. dan, being able to tolerate serena, should also be given the chance to explore other people without being bounded by serena and blair on the other hand, who was constantly being chuck's refuge whenever he failed and was lost should also have someone who would care for her and treat her as someone special not just as a comforting machine. well, i just thought that a classic romeo and juliet plot with a twist must be what gg needs to spice things up. i mean, don't you see their childish sweetness and petty quarrels add up to the strongest love of all?..


I've been obsessed with chuck n blair ever since the limO scene.. I admit they've both hurt each other(chuck more then blair) but true love Always brings them back together... They like magnets and they do belong 2gether.. But DAIR is pretty adorable... And blair deserves someone like dan and dan needs to get over serena.. But I really hope chuck changes and fights 4 blair...and proves that she's not just the girl he goes to when no one else is their 4 him..but I donno if its enough... I'm torn... Chair or dair?? We'll just have to wait n see... Whatever happens I Won't stop watching gossip girl!! EVER!! Its too amazing


you guys know what's really interesting about the whole DAIR thing? It's not just that they're so much fun to watch but it's the fact that if they do get together, so many outside forces and people could so tear them apart which is could turn to some sort of dramatic, tragic thing... and that just makes them all the more interesting.. i mean, think about it, there's Serena who's fallen out with Ben, there's Chuck looking for Blair coz a girl doesn't like him anymore, there's Vanessa who's always been really annoying lately, Jenny who probably wouldn't approve, there's Georgina who'd probably still be crazy about Dan and who knows who else and what other outside forces would want to try and ruin them?? ahahaha it makes for interesting tv and not to mention they've got this sweet little chemistry that could totally provide them with an ACTUAL relationship that's just not based on sex and scheming..


dair are the only non bull shit part of gg


FATE is sealed / with a KISS
Dan and Blair kiss again in the next episode
= DAIR is the new Endgame!!!!


Just re watching season 1 episodes.. I realy miss the sparkle between Dan and Serena!! They belong together!! DERENA all the way!!!! :))


@sweeti: you should really read the previous post before asking because others already asked me this and I already gave my reply, which is basically that he could have gotten the same information by making another question but that I think the show's writters, producers, etc., used that precise question there for a reason. The beginning of the escene that it's supposed to be the turning point and the beginning of the Dan/Blair relationship begins with the name "Serena" in the first question? Come on.

Well thats too bad

"I just have one more thing to add about this episode: When Dan came to the Waldorf's, the first thing he asked about was Serena." it didn't occur to you that the only reason why he was asking because he wanted to make sure serena was away?


Dair is the reason why I'm not watching the show anymore. I kept watching for Chenny, and all that bullshit because I really hoped that writers could make up for such bad moments. But I'm really disappointed when I read the spoilers and watch the promos since the show returned on february. So, well until Blair gets a relationship with someone else than Dan, I'm won't be watching GG. I'm glad I didn't watch the kiss scene. Just thinking that Blair can kiss Dan and be so far from what she used to hate and like makes me nostalgic of season 1 and 2 (I didn't like her sumissive attitude toward Chuck on season 3 either). I want Blair in an epic relationship! And well, at the end, I'm a Chair fan. Chuck can make up for what he did but he has a loooong way to go before deserving forgivness!


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