Coming This Fall to The CW...

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Zombies, witches and teen angst.

The CW's fall pilots possess a few clear themes, as it was released this week and President Dawn Ostroff says her network "will premiere our strongest schedule ever this fall, with a combination of hit shows and exciting new series giving us all-original programming five nights a week for the first time."

Two sisters (Lucy Griffiths and Meredith Hagner) face off during a zombie uprising. Also starring Brian Hallisay.

The CW

Cooper and Stone
Stars Alex Breckenridge and Riley Smith as a pair of close friends and Chicago homicide detectives.

Secret Circle
Based on the three-book series from The Vampire Diaries author L.J. Smith. Stars Britt Robertson as a young witch who holds the key to a battle between good and evil.

Hart of Dixie
Rachel Bilson plays a New York City doctor whoinherits a small medical practice in the South. Produced by
Gossip Girl's Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will executive-produce. Jaime King, Cress Williams, Nancy Travis and Wilson Bethel will also star.

Danni Lowinski
Recent law school graduate Danni opens her own practice in a shopping mall kiosk.

A young female attorney and a former angel-turned-human (Ben Aldridge) investigate cases at a legal-aid clinic.


It seems like CW is on the rise, They air shows for the teens :) I really hope Secret Circle is good it should be with Kevin. But are the Gossip girl producers so bored they are already trying out new shows? Dont undrstand how they have the time for it isnt Gossip on for like a half a year?
Awakening sounds pretty good but Im not Drawn to any of the others, maybe the trailers will be god.


Awakening has grabbed my attention, want to see if they can make the ZPAW corny. Everything thing else just sounds like more chick-flicks.


They need something strong too replace Smallville, not sure here. A good sci-fi show ? Next season maybe... LONG LIVE TO NIKITA!!


@Carreno, NIKITA only dipped under the 2 million mark once. If you average the viewers from the beginning of the season, the show is averaging about 2.7 million viewers which is stronger than half of The CW's line-up (90210, GOSSIP GIRL, HELLCATS, One tree HiLL)so you might wanna re-check your sources. As for Gossip Girl, that show hit a series low(1.3 million viewers) a few weeks ago.




It feels as if all the original CW are coming to an end :(
Even if it's just Smallville and One Tree Hill, I mean how long till Supernatural and Gossip girl run out of Storylines. but Hart of Dixie, SECRET CIRCLE and awakening do sound appealing.

Rhianna speranzo

just like yesterday i was thinking that hey should make The Secret Circle into a movie. Now i find out its gonna be a tv show! i was so close :P cant wait


Is it just me or does the zombie show seem a little bit like supernatural when it first started out???
Looking forward to see how they butcher The Secret Circle by casting all the wrong actors for the lead roles... Thomas Dekker would make a good Sean... That's if they are even including all 12 characters from the book... Somehow I don't think so... Even the synopsis is wrong... Cassie comes to New Salem to stay with her grandmother and there she learns about who she is and becomes part of the coven. Anyways cant wait for it, even tho the actors are wrong the EP is the TVD one, so he should make it interesting... I am looking forward to Dixie Hart because I like Rachel Bilson. She carried The O.C and was the only reason I watched season 4... And showed some comic chops in HIMYM. Altho it does seem sorta like Everwood mixed in with Gilmore Girls, but I loved the latter so it should be great... I really wish the CW would pay homage to Charmed and find someone to create a spin off... When Charmed aired, it always drew big numbers... Now if Gossip Girl or Nikita draws more than 1.8 million viewers it would be a miracle... Someone should tell Dawn Ostroff that... The law show seems plausible, but I am thinking that it seems a little liked touched by an angel for lawyers...


Cooper & Stone too.


spindea, rumors were in Jan that 90210, GG would be renewed. the only CW shows I am interested in for next fall are Secret Circle, Awakening, maybe Hart/Heart of Dixie. I'll watch 90210, GG, Hellcats, Nikita, OTH, ANTM,VD if the're on next year too.