Coming to Grey's Anatomy: Callie's Baby Shower!

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Grey's Anatomy is about to get girly. To the max.

That's what you get when the show's all-girl couple gets pregnant, after all ... although one of the two parents-to-be is decidedly more excited about the girliness.

When new episodes of Grey's Anatomy return March 24, Arizona is going to see a new side of Callie, according to Jessica Capshaw, who plays the former:

Callie, Arizona and Mark Pic

With these three, there's never a dull moment.

"Callie has this obsession with baby showers, and she has this massive need for attention and girliness," Capshaw tells TV Guide. What does that result in?

"Arizona keeps guessing wrong on what Callie would want and Mark keeps guessing correctly," she teases. "Finally, Arizona just gets sick of it, so Callie decides to give Arizona, as a baby shower present, a trip away for the weekend."

We're still not sure what the endgame is for this odd parenting triangle, but that should be fun to watch. As the Calzonasloan World Turns ...

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Love the title of the upcoming episode. LOL!


My friend is the reason I started watching Grey's Anatomy and she and I have conflicted feelings as to the direction of the show in past seasons. I think that as much as we all loved George and how Izzy was an amazing character, we need to get used to the idea that characters evolve and pass, I wouldn't want them to be in some Spongebob Squarepants type universe where none of them ever grow up or do anything other than what they normally do. I'm glad that Callie is having a baby shower, I'm glad that Meredith isn't as Dark and Twisty anymore (but I could go to see a little bit more or the dark and twisty Mer), and I like that Cristina had a mental breakdown and came back because deep down she did grow and proved she CAN grow up. Which gives me hope that there will eventually be a cute little Mini Cristina who gets child safe scalpels and Anatomy Janes for presents :) All in all I'm happy with Grey's and will be an avid fan for as long as they choose to keep supplying us with this ever so addictive drug.


I say that the. Threesome pregnancy is the best conflict in greys history...


Regina mark would not just go and cheat cuz he would be worried about not see his kid if they breal up anyway so yeah...


Renee she is not pregnant in really life I don't think cuz I looked it up and I didn't find anything on google or bing so I don't kbow....


Greys is no where near as good as it was in the begining. Season 6 was not the best but had a really great finale. Season 7 i think is getting better. My main issue at first was that they were not concentrating on Meredith and Dereck. She used to be the main character but not any more. I believe that the writers are getting back on track on how the show used to be, i just wish they could do it faster. I hope meredith gets pregnant because i really think they deserve it. Does any one know if Sara Ramirez is pregnant in real life? cus if she is i think it would explain the pregnancy going so fast. Also I thought they would be more intuned with Derek. Did anyone notice he is hardly in the show anymore? I miss him. I think that the baby shower episode they will find a way to make it interesting just like they can make a boring wedding interesting.


@PMK if Callie was dumb enough to try to have anything real with Mark he would quickly cheat on her. He has long acknowledged that he finds apprpriate relationships boring. Also, if AZ was so controlling, she would not be trying to deal with Callie, Mark and their oops baby. AZ has not even requested that Callie put appropriate boundries up with Mark. Callie is the controlling one in this.


Just read some spoilers on Greysgabble for episode 20 and it has Callie and Arizona already with child and getting married. Sounds like they have a daughter and Callie's parents come to Seattle for the Wedding. It's a big article of spoilers. There is a mention of Meredith and Derek getting married at City Hall, that I will wait and see if it happens, not holding my breath. Episode 20 is also the one Chandra Wilson will be directing, so it should be a good one.


I liked GA before,so many character are hardcore, basass,competive..
Baby Shower? seriously? ep17 story is boring to me


I think Callie needs to ditch Arizona for Mark. Arizona is to controlling and she complains too much. Besides Mark and Callie look good together.

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