Criminal Minds Preview: J.J.'s Return, Prentiss' Farewell

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Criminal Minds returns in two weeks with the biggest case of the season.

The March 16 episode, "Lauren," marks the last appearance of Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss. It is equally noteworthy for the return of A.J. Cook as Jennifer Jareau.

This convergence of events is likely to elicit bittersweet feelings from fans, who have reacted passionately to the surprising fate of both characters throughout the year.

Does Emily have the slightest chance of getting out of this alive?

For a summation and analysis of where we stand heading into this episode, read our Criminal Minds review from last night. Then watch the promo for "Lauren" ...

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criminal minds used to be my favorite show, EVER. now i don't watch the episodes without jj and prentits in it. and i won't! i'm glad jj is coming back,but that still isn't going to do it!! put the whole team back together and get rid of that bad acting blonde haired lady. whoever thought of the idea of getting rid of jj and prentis should be fired!!!!!!!!!


help, we were watching the show, and all peoples of the show and their
vehicles blew up at the same time. thus looking as thow the main cast were
killed, California, don't remember the name of show, hooded killer was killing at random, but with a larger cause then originally thought.


As the days are nearing the excitement is increasing as to what will be coming in upcoming Criminal Minds Season 7 premiere episode. Till now each and every fan of the series knows that the season 7 episodes will start airing from 21st September 2011.


PLEASE PLEAASE PLEASE, if any director of criminal minds, please just leave the cast i love all of them: Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, jennifer Jareau(JJ): That was the best crew but the other crew does not beat them because I absoloutely love them so much, and this is my fav show in all of times, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, dont leave !! I LOVE YOU CM!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


JJ is back...that's great! Now bring Emily back too...then don't let go or replace anyone anymore! These casts are perfect! Maintain great and interesting stories each episode, and this show will stay No.!


I was so excited last night when I saw that AJ was returning, but didn't know it was for only one season until reading this blog! I agree with all those that have written in, and the thousands of other fans that have not ..... WHAT ARE THE CBS EXEC. THINKING???? Do you guys have a deathwish for the show? When AJ left the show, I was angry that you would allow this to happen, Why didn't you try to keep her?? Then Emily left/was taken off, that was the "icing on the cake" for me. This WAS a great TV show and you have truly ruined it for all of your fans! And the airhead blond that is "replacing" JJ, do us all a favor and drop her NOW!


i a massive CM fan honestly get rid of paget brewster and i can guarantee that 90% of viewers really will switch off and aj cook was LEDGAND , producers, writers, editors, all of you involved in the making of this tv show sit down and watch it from the beginning you will soon realise the mistake you are making take for instance series three episode entitled penelope the team come together to protect one of their own this along with the fisher king parts one and two are my favourite episodes of criminal mi


all tho i have not seen this episode it as it hasnt aired in the uk yet thew latest episode i have watched and i have them all recored on sky is the nasty one in miami where reid seems to be hallucinating and really loosing his mind. i have heard paget is leaving because she has been cast in another progma and is one of the main cast members and rumours going around are that is her new show doesnt kick of the crew of criminal minds have told her she can return in season 7. but for me its not so bad, i love emily and jj and all the cast but the job the do no1 can do for to long as it would drive them nuts and they would eventually not be able to deal with the disturbing things the see for to long, just as the real life bau agents dont stick around to long. so new cast for some of the cast that are really starting to loose touch with the team like reid and hotch would not be a bad thing. but the team needs rossi and morgan and garcia to still feel like the show we all love. hotch now has more important things to do and as his soon grows older he will have questions about his mother meaning hotch will miss more and more cases and well reid, he is loosing it, getting angry at the medical proffional just because he suggested his headaches maybe caused by a phyco sematic problem shout he doesnt have a mental problem its a medical problem even tho medical tests prove its not. seaver needs time to fit into the team shes new and fresh out of the academy the rest of the cast have been together for 6 years with the exceptions of prentis who had joined not to long into season 2 and rissi in season 3 so she needs time but i think will prove a valuble member of the team. this show could use a breath of fresh air and some new members to liven things up and stop the episodes being more bout the current team than the case and the victims in which it has been lately as more ppl talk bout the cast than anything else. to keep this show believable and true to its original ideals based slightly around real life crimes although still stories made up there are similarities between them and real life crimes. new cast members will keep ppl watching in hte long run, maybe bring in some new viewiers and will ulitmatly keep ppl tuned in to see just how the new members fit it. anyway rant over but we may not have seen the end of prentiss but i saw this coming when it was revealed seaver would be taken under emily's wing so to speak


Ashley is not a very good actress for Criminal Minds, but I guess she'll learn. My problem is what the heck happened to J.J. and Emily?????? The show WILL NOT be the same without them. Criminal Minds is my all time favorite show and I hate it that they have been taken off. BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!



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