Criminal Minds Preview: J.J.'s Return, Prentiss' Farewell

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Criminal Minds returns in two weeks with the biggest case of the season.

The March 16 episode, "Lauren," marks the last appearance of Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss. It is equally noteworthy for the return of A.J. Cook as Jennifer Jareau.

This convergence of events is likely to elicit bittersweet feelings from fans, who have reacted passionately to the surprising fate of both characters throughout the year.

Does Emily have the slightest chance of getting out of this alive?

For a summation and analysis of where we stand heading into this episode, read our Criminal Minds review from last night. Then watch the promo for "Lauren" ...

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I had enough of a hard time with the loss of Gideon, and Elle, now they boot out both JJ and Prentiss. Why???? They had the perfect team, are they canceling the show altogether? I really don't like the new one suspect behavior, so now what? Very disappointing ;(


OKAY, why are they messing with the show?! I stopped watching after JJ left, simply because I could not STAND the replacement. The new spinoff is terrible, the cast has no chemistry and it just seems fake. I hate that both JJ and Prentiss are being cut - they're like the epitome of strong, independent women that work well in a team. The new chick just seems like an overly dependent whinger... and really, if they start writing a romance between her and Reid, I think I'll send CBS some serious hate mail.


Taking away jj and emily from CM is like taking away jack and karen from WILL&GRACE. IT JUST ISNT GOING TO WORK!!!!! LEAVE THE SHOW THE WAY IT IS WITH ALL THE MAIN CHARACTER.
who cares if its they do the same thing every week look at HOUSE they do the same thing over and over: patient is sick,house being a jerk, patient is dying, house has an ephinany and patient is cured. AND HOUSE IS STILL ONE OF THE HIGHEST RATED SHOWS. At least CM has interesting killers and victims everyweek!


Im sad that prentiss is leaving i love criminal minds dr.spencer reed is awsome well i love the whole casting crew they make a great team but that new chick is just plain borring


I swear if CBS kills off Prentiss, I will never watch criminal minds again. Please, please don't kill her. Without a doubt criminal minds is the best series on TV.


WELL It's here!!!! And by it I mean Agent Ashley Seaver in CM. Tonight British TV got it's first climpse of JJ's 'replacement' and all I can say about Ms Nichols is, she's as crap now as she was a few years ago on SATC. What the heck am I going to do with my Friday evenings now??? CBS I'm begging you DON'T cut Paget. Losing AJ was enough!!! I can't say I'm looking forward to the spin-off either if their performances are as bad as they were when they made a guest appearance on CM!!! It'll probably end up being the Forest Whittaker show just like CSI is now the Lawrence Fishburne show!!! Stopped watching that show properly after they killed off Warwick!!! I guess I can get rid of my cable package now a few quid!!!!


Don't kill off Prentiss! Is this Brewster's idea or CBS? Does she want to leave the show, OR is she being forced off?? I can' find where she has commmented on it one way or the other. I hope not, but maybe she is tired of the TV series gig.
I certainly love this show! ALL of the cast members!!! It is "winning" in the ratings, so leave it alone!!!


I'm sorry to say that you're ruining a perfectly great show!!! It was bad enough when you took AJ Cook off, but now Padget Brewster!!!???? What are you thinking and why the women? why anyone? I was so enjoying the series. We even bought the seasons on dvd. I don't understand why you'd want to change a good combination of cast members so could someone please explain. I like the spinoff, but I'm not sure I will continue watching because who knows when you'll start taking people off of it. Your new girl on the show...quit trying to make her look like JJ!! It's a stupid move, she'll never fill her shoes. You've disappointed so many followers. It makes no sense so again PLEASE explain why?


Why don't they screw around with the men's roles? Send Reed or Morgan or even Hotch to another city, never to be heard from again. Hotch or Morgan could as easily go as these women. I would keep watching if it were one gal and one guy, but two women while all the men stay? No. I'm planning to buy all seasons before this one on DVD and to me, that's all the episodes Criminal Minds ever made. And I'm done with giving the new series a chance. Was doing it on the rep of the original, but if they're going to mess with the one I already enjoy to the point that I can't anymore, well, I'm not getting to the same place with a second one to have it happen all over again. I'm sure that I'm not the only one to see it this way.


Criminal Minds Part 1 of Valhalla showed last Wednesday, so why is part 2 of a different episode playing this Wednesday? CBS,this just doesn't make sense.

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