Dancing With the Stars Review: The Good (Ralph), The Bad (Wendy) and The Mostly Average

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Season 12 of Dancing With the Stars is officially underway. There's no Bristol or Kate to distract audiences this time, so the pairs will have to get by on talent!

Well, mostly. There are still some charismatic folks in this new cast, and that will get you a long way on DWTS. So who were the surprising leaders last night?

We say surprising because their combined age is 109!

DWTS Season 12 Cast

Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio, 49, still has the moves (and a bad haircut). Kirstie Alley, 60, made more than one joke about her weight, but she carries it out there.

A couple of (relative) youngsters, Disney star Chelsea Kane and current NFL star Hines Ward, came in third and fourth on the night. Those four all scored in the 20s.

Aside from that, there were a bunch of respectable but non-terrific performances and some real duds that make you grateful it's a non-elimination week.

Follow the jump for last night's Dancing With the Stars scores ...

  1. Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: 24.
  2. Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 23.
  3. Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: 22.
  4. Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: 21.
  5. Romeo and Chelsie Hightower: 19.
  6. Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke: 19.
  7. Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin: 18.
  8. Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel: 18.
  9. Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskaya: 17.
  10. Wendy Williams and Tony Dovolani: 14.
  11. Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer: 13.

Yeah, 13 and 14. It was rough. Fortunately, Wendy, Mike, Ray and everyone else will all have a chance to build on their scores next week and hope for the best.

Hey, we all have to start somewhere and you never know. The show returns Monday and the first star will be sent home the following night, Tuesday, March 29.

Who do you think did the best (and worst) last night? Who are you most looking forward to seeing get back out there? Leave a comment below to discuss.


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I really do believe Romeo should be in competition. He was a better dancer than ralph and kirstie put together! He should be in the finals along with chelsea and hines.


I do belive that this show is fixed. They have tried for weeks to get Ralph off the show.,so the last ditch effort they gave perfect scores to the rest and Ralph the lowest knowing he couldn't come back up. & for the winner take all that was a no brainer. I think it is about time to replace all the judges. My wife & I won't be watching the show any more if this the ABC way.


As a fan of Dancing With The Stars, I am very disappointed of tonight results and I believe that I am not the only one. Petra Nemcova was eliminated and Kirstie Alley is still in competition! there is not comparison. Petra is very pritty, young, slim, good looking, elegant dancer totally oposite to Kirstie, old, wrinkled face, huge woman, especially when she shakes her fats, it's horrible. Does she look in the mirror when she rehersals? or she doesn't care because she is a famous actrice? This show needs a more realistic selection. Wake up people!it's a dancing competition! Please do not spoil the image of this show. I hope that next week will stay on stage the real contenders.


YES YES YES you are right Dimitrios...I was so confused tonight. Yes I will agree this was not Ralph Macchio's best performance.. BUT he was as good as the ones who got a 9. As a matter of fact I watched their hands and they all seemed to have copied Ralphs hand gestures. The gestures that were "no good" No one Judge said anything about that ... Hines was stiff tonight yet he got one of the best scores… there is something wrong here... I don’t get it... and speaking to a lot of friends of mine… they don’t get it. Why have the Judges been trying so hard to bring others up…promote them… and Ralph and Karina down. I bet ABC is upset about the Playboy issue with Karina coming out in May. After all Disney is the BOSS.


Very disappointed at the Judges. Yes it seems that they are trying to not bring attention to Ralph and Karina. They are trying to make them fade. I think they have been doing a great job!!!!!! If Ralph goes. this is all a joke..


I found it very refreshing that in the tribute to America that Dancing with the Stars included a CANADIAN protest song. American Woman was written by the Guess Who out of Winnipeg Manitoba and was written by Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings and was on the album by that name in 1970. It was written in the late 60's and they were not allowed to play that song at the White House when they perfomed there.


You can vote against hines all you want. He has a whole city of supporters and then some.

Sue ann

I was pleased and impressed by Kirstie Alley. I have been her fan since The Wrath of Khan, but I didn't know she can dance. In a show full of "Who?"s, she was a delight.


Long live Karate Kid !


Should be good to see how long the wrestler last

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