Extended 90210 Preview: "The Enchanted Donkey"

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In case you weren't already excited for the April 18 return of 90210, consider the intriguing name of that episode: "The Enchanted Donkey."

Now, take note of how Naomi responds to Max in the following, extended trailer, following a romp in the sack: "Any chance you wanna relaunch that rocket?"

Throw in a trip to Mexico, a loopy Ivy and an angry Adrianna and you've got the makings of a wild spring break, indeed. Check out the newly-released promo now:

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I'm excited what everyone says, when they find out about Naomi and the nerd!!! And the fight between Silver and Adrianna... I don't think that they're becoming friends again so soon! And I've saw a picture somewhere that Annie gets bitten by that monkey!!!


Can't wait!! Finally we get to see them all in a diferent environment and full of drama drama drama! :)


Ahhh this or promo makes me so impatient! Why 6 freakin weeks!?!!


What does the enchanted donkey even mean? Is it like one of those gross Donkey shows that they supposedly have in Mexico where the donkey "boinks" some chick? Or is it cause Ivy is most likely going to get high and see a donkey and think it's magical?

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.