Fringe Review: A Game Changer?

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It was back to my favorite alternate universe this week. Just after meeting our universe's Lincoln Lee, it was great to see the original back in action. He and Charlie were front and center as they tried to deal with something very unexpected.

You could tell that Fauxlivia became attached the child growing inside her because the idea she might have the fatal virus that killed her sister during childbirth seemed to be breaking her heart.

Trouble Over There

The scenes between Fauxlivia and her mother made me ache for Olivia, who lost out on that maternal relationship. But she was also blessed with a sister who continues to live, something I'm sure Fauxlivia would like to experience, as well.

I noticed early on was how much more like our Olivia she seemed now that she was facing these new challenges. A kinder, gentler Fauxlivia. Since I have always felt more connected to her and her experiences, I was happy to learn that she was going through some positive changes.

After Olivia had her VPE blood test, she was kidnapped. The mystery itself isn't that she was kidnapped, but why, by whom and for what purpose. While watching, none of it was making sense to me. Then it hit me.

We knew that if Fauxlivia found out she had the VPE virus and she was going to abort. Who would care if she aborted? If you guessed Walternate, then there was nothing too surprising about the episode once you made the connection.

Did he do it to keep Fauxlivia from having an abortion? Or was he really generous enough to want to try to save both of their lives, which is what the super speedy gestation period did in the long run? We may never know.

We do know that the many times, including in this episode, when Walternate said he would not experiment on children, he lied.

By the end of "Bloodline" he had a swab of the baby's blood in his hands. To do what? He can't exactly clone Peter, but perhaps he will use the blood to see if Fauxlivia's child will possess the same traits needed to ignite the doomsday machine. Maybe the face of Peter on the drawings of the device are actually those of his son.

Walternate made mistakes along the way. He underestimated the damage that our headstrong Olivia might have been doing over there when she wasn't under his watchful eye. He didn't have enough knowledge of Olivia living as Fauxlivia to clean up potential messes. He didn't even know about Henry. That she had made such a close ally in his world must have been shocking to him.

When Henry told Lincoln and Charlie the differences he witnessed between the Olivias, Walternate had to come clean (as clean as a lying madman can come). This disclosure left him no choice but to tell Lincoln some truths, and considering how Broyles ended up, it clearly puts Lincoln and Charlie into dangerous territory.

Lincoln and Charlie were astonished they didn't see the differences between the two Olivias. The best part of them knowing now is that they are already questioning everything, including Broyles death (or disappearance).

The perk of being in Fringe Division is your clearance classification is among the highest available. To keep secrets from the Division is to put lives, and the entire world, in jeopardy.

They know Walternate can no longer be trusted. I hope we get to see this play out in detail. Perhaps the two Fringe Divisions will reach out to each other across their universes to stop total annihilation. I'm just guessing, of course, but it would make for riveting interplay between all of the characters and give the actors some great opportunities for stunning performances.

What was the game changer in all of this? The only thing that changed was Lincoln declaring his love for Fauxlivia. She needs someone on her side, and Lincoln is no slouch. Might she come to love him? Both Olivias are due for some happiness.

My favorite scene, and one I played more than once, was when Lincoln was talking Olivia through a birth they both thought would leave her dead. It was so emotional and Seth Gabel gave his heart to the scene. Very well done.

Some questions that grew out of the episode: How will Walternate be treated by his team now that the lies have surfaced? How far will the team go to find out everything they didn't know? Will Walternate let his grandson grow up a normal child, or will he kidnap him and super grow him into an adult looking just like Peter (giving Joshua Jackson an extra role to play) to try to man the machine without the cooperation of his own son? Will our friends in their universe come to believe that our universe is not the enemy after all? 

There are many more questions, of course, and I hope you'll raise them in the comments section. How are you feeling about our two universes and the characters in them as we round into the final episodes of the season? And could this episode have been any better, knowing the show will go on? I think not! Sound off!!


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This episode made me LOVE Fauxlivia. A was never really a fan of her but this episode changed my attitude completely. I loved the way she cared about her pregnancy and her child, I loved her deep relationship to her mother, I loved how Henry and Lincoln helped her giving birth to her son (I am so curious what his name will be!) and I loved the moment Lincoln told her, that he loves her. (Totally rooting for them. They would be such a nice, interesting couple!)


I love Seth Gabel! I wish they would make Lincoln a permanent character on both sides. I liked how he and Peter interacted last week. And this week in the alt-universe he was awesome! The birth scene was so emotiomal. I never figured out it was Walternate until they showed him. I kept thinking it was his assistant. I can't remember his name. Great Episode though. Wish we didn't have to wait for the next one!


I was watching Fringe with my family tonight, and while we were totally confused as to who these people were, were bouncing theories off of each other during the commercial break and i said, i said that i though Walternate was behind it and i new it!! I was like ah ha! And now i know he's totally...not a good person, and not to be trusted. At all. And while i get why he wanted to the baby live, i'm wondering if he wanted Olivia to live. If accelerating the pregnancy meant saving the child, and Walternate knew that, than i figure he must have known about Fauxlivia's VPE. He is a powerful man i could see him looking into her file and founding out about her sister and the possibility that she might have it as well. This was such an awesome episode! Even if there was no Peter :)


10/10 ep. fringe is turning into lostx3 with all these new character developments. i can see walternates sidkick scientist beciming a major character in both universes and now we have henry. i cant wait till we meet the our univer henry. a figured walternate was behind it since there were only 3 or 4 suspects. i cant wait for the season finale. what the hell is in store for this show. i love it.


Loved this episode! Cannot imagine another show that could have me loving both Olivias, despite the fact that they both want the same thing. Also loved the scene with Lincoln and hope they explore that for Fauxlivia as she needs to be happy but not with Peter!!


i knew it!! i knew walternate was behind the kidnapping early on, but when he lied to lincoln he was so convincing he had he doubting myself..then @ the end i could only be struck by exactly how deceitful this man can be...excellent episode, why do i have to wait 3 whole weeks?!...

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