All right, you just look at me. You don't think about an hour from now, you don't think about a minute. You're gonna focus on this moment, ok? It's just you and me.


Lincoln: I sure don't want to do this.
Charlie: All right, listen, I'll talk to her, you deal with Travis Bickle. C'mon...Coppola...'you talking to me?'
Lincoln: I have no idea.
Charlie: All right. Point is, Henry's probably done with his statement. I'll deal with Marilyn.

I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers here, guys. If there's some things a guy like me shouldn't know about, I get it. But you start hearing things about some other universe, it's hard to ignore


Lincoln: Where is she?
Henry: How would I know? I didn't expect that she would come back here.
Lincoln: What do you mean, 'back here'?

All right. I was worried about her, that's all. Once in a while I drive by to make sure she's ok. That's not a crime.


Charlie: Fringe Division! Hands on the Wheel! Get out of the car!
Henry: Which one is it?
Charlie: Out of the car!

I have already stated my opinion. We are not experimenting on children. I have made myself clear.

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