Fringe Review: You Can Ring My (William) Bell

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I'm not really sure what to say about Fringe this week. After the last few outings, I was hoping for a lay-up, an easy review, one that leads us down the exciting path toward more outrageous reveals, such as those we've been privy to over the last couple of months.

What did I get? Well, I got "Os" - a title I still cannot grasp (and welcome your perspective in the comments) in the overall concept of what happened. I imagined it was going to be about the two Olivias. Wrong!

Walter spends a lot of time lately high as a kite, and we didn't have to wait more than 30 seconds for him to fulfill our wish again. Jorge Garcia made a cameo appearance as a security guard at Massive Dynamic and he and Walter busily smoke a bong while watching Massive Dynamic security cameras. That's when Walter discovers a strange, wooden door. William Bell's untouched office.

Jorge Garcia on Fringe
Peter and Olivia have gone full steam ahead with their romance, and everyone is pleased. Especially Nina, knowing how dire Peter's choice is to the survival of our universe. Outside her well wishes, she does keep the reasoning to herself.

Olivia is different. She's quicker with a smile, laughs, is more outgoing and open with her feelings. She and Peter are letting it all hang out, even holding hands while walking through the hallways. My initial reaction was that she was set free by love.

I was believing this happy little story until Walter discovers that two of the densest elements in the universe cause weightlessness, as proven by a doctor trying to find a cure for his son's muscular dystrophy. Walter realizes it isn't an accident that these elements reacted in an impossible way, but is due to the decaying fabric of our universe. Strange things are happening here, like they happen in the other universe. There is no way to ascertain what might happen at any given moment.

The entire scope of this episode comes to light in the last ten minutes. One of the files that Walter finds in William's office offers the possibility of reuniting the soul with a corporeal being. In a moment of genius, Walter realizes that William left behind everything he would need to bring his soul back, and he would entrust it to someone special. In this case, it is the very bell William left to Nina.

As Olivia and Peter are being brutally honest, Peter knows the only person in whom he can confide his greatest secret is Olivia. He takes her to his makeshift lab, where he is experimenting on the chips he assembled after killing the shape shifters. We barely have a moment with Olivia's reaction to this news when Walter rings William's bell.

In an instant, Olivia is no longer thinking about the incredible news Peter just shared with her, because she has been infused with the soul of William Bell. Again, Anna Torv shows her acting expertise by leaving no doubt the voice she is channeling is William's. At the expense of Olivia, William will be sticking around, at least for the next episode.

I'm sure we will have much to learn from his appearance, and I should have expected that the writers of Fringe would get us to this place in a most unexpected way. While my eyes were searching for clues in the case of the week, they were busily hoodwinking me and throwing me off balance. Well played!

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Have t admit it was an alright episode but the surprise twist at the end wasn't dramatic, it was just funny. I ended spending about 2 mins just laughing about it at the end. Didn't actually dislike the ending, it just wasnt very effective as a cliff hanger. I always hoped fringe would continue to do insane things with its pseudo-science but having spock mind meld with Olivia was just far too funny and incredibly silly. Also he voice of spock is LOL-tastic. She sounds like a randy hobbit when she does that voice. and Os is the chemical symbol for Osmium


I agree with Rose, Oliva acting like a little school girl with a crush is annoying to say the least. They need to tone that down to reduce further eye rolling moments.


I thought that Olivia seem too needy and was trying to hard. To me that isn't how the real Olivia would have been. She is way too independent to be like that. I was very happy they got together, but of course they wouldn't let that last long. I had very mixed feelings about this episode. I do however love to watch it and all my shows in HD. Working and subscribing to DISH Network the leading company in HD I get to have all that. I love that I get all my shows in HD especially Fringe, and I get it free for life. I can't wait to see what happens in next week’s episode with Olivia being William Bell now.


Loved it. Anna Torv needs to win some awards. Incredible. I'm happy (although it will not last long) for Olivia. This is what I imagined her before she started working for Fringe, like how she was in the Pilot and finding out all the other stuff that has been done to her.
The only bad thing about this episode is that I have to wait a week for the next one. Keep watching Fringies.


I loved-Nina: "No Walter it's still me." Surprise ending!


And your expertise, kind people, is why I asked! I would never have known the bone or mouth meanings. Thank you!!!!


To: Carissa Os is also bone in french.


When did William Bell mindmeld with Olivia to transfer his Katra? Also how ironic that Search for Spock was on SyFy last night?


When did William Bell mindmeld with Olivia to transfer his Katra?


I thought Olivia looked uncomfortable with all that smiling, as if she were trying to be more like Fauxlivia to please Peter. I figured Os was osmium, but also os=bone (what with that leg) and os=mouth (William Bell from Olivia's mouth).

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All I've managed to do with its vast resources is create a new flavor of cupcake frosting. Bacon berry.