Gossip Girl Caption Contest 145

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Welcome to the 145th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is ... GGFANN! Congrats!

Honorable mentions go out to GossipGleek, jennysux and HotsForDamon. Thank you to everyone for playing and best of luck again in the next edition!

Icy Relations

Lily: Charles, could you please hold my handbag?
Chuck: You mean Rufus, right?

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Lily: We all know you're wearing purple underwear underneath that suit.
Chuck: You know me well...


Chuck: Why are you so happy Lily?
Lily Giggles
Chuck: You know you're going to jail, don't you?
Lily giggles again: No you silly Bass! My stuntman is! Director: CUT!!!! That's not your line kelly!! Ed: You mean stuntwoman right??
Lily giggles again: No stuntman,I mean stuntman...


Chuck: Look im doing the robot! Lilly: Look Im doing the Jenny!


Lily's motherly talk with Chuck #82793
Chuck: i knoew my head looks photoshoped.
Lily: nooooooo, on the other hand, Serena looks like a troll


Once again - jennysux!!! Hilarious and witty!


Lily: so i told the D.A if they let me off with the charges they could go on a date with serena ... it worked on that police officer who was going to charge me for being drunk and dissordly. i thought he was going to let me off until he said he was gay so i said..... they could go on a date with you
chuck: for you lily anything is that him other there ill be back in a hour


Chucks: (scream) They are playing YMCA (runs like a mad man to dance floor and starts flinging his arms to the music)
Lily (thinking) if i turn this way i can pretend i dont know him


Chuck: Quick lily hold my drink the buffet is open ( runs to buffet line)


lily: charles dont even think of doing the dance to dance floor dance its social suicide !
Chuck: Marrying rufus and going to jail isnt?


chuck: finally the dj is playing the song i requested come on i want to dance to the jail house rock

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