Gossip Girl Caption Contest 147

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Welcome to the 147th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is ... TwinsFindMe. Congrats!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Gaby EE, Dan'sDaniela and QueenWaldorf. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck next time!

Time For Cake!

Eric: So the other day, I saw Nate reading. It was kind of like seeing a Golden Retriever walk on its hind legs. Just... Odd.
Lily: Like when Serena plots! Just weird, right?!
Everyone: [Laughs]
Serena: ...Hey!

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Cake fiasco indeed xoxo


SO......How's your fern?


so u can have your cake and eat it too!!! Who knew


Chuck : So, we wanted to let all of you know that Serena and I started dating.
Lily : hahaha, that's a funny one Charles !!
Serena : Mom !! That's not a joke, we are serious !!
Rufus : But Charles, I don't understand. I thought you were in love with Blair ? Or was it Raina ?
Chuck : Blair is momentarily busy with some sorta Dan Hmphrey kinda guy, and concerning Raina Nathaniel is currently taking the restover, so I thought would I not take advantage of it as well ?
Eric : But Serena, aren't you with Ben ?
Serena : Who ?


Serena: Let's celebrate my exit from the show. My storylines are getting so boring, so they'll write me out!
Chuck: No! Me first! I want to end this crap!
Eric: Fabulous, then I'm going to have the show focus on me then.


I posted the previous comment under "IdoLoveJennyBut" but i would prefer to have this username if my comment was chosen.. Rufus: This would be just perfect if Jenny was here too.. Lily: Oh, Don't be so silly Rufus, you know we aren't allowed have animals in the apartment.


Rufus: This would be just perfect if Jenny was here too.. Lily: Don't be so silly Rufus, you know we aren't allowed to have animals in the apartment.


Chuck:So what 2011-2012 new series will get cancel first? Lily:Charlie's Angels I mean have you seen the preview pictures,the girls can't even walk. S:I say Wonder Woman,her outfit is a joke. Eric:But she has some big ta ta's! Rufus:Wait I thought you were gay? Eric:oops!


(LAWL I though they were playing a board game...)


Serena: Wait, Chuck cheated! Why is everyone laughing at me? I'm serious!

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