Gossip Girl Spoilers: Jenny, Georgina, the Prince & More

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With Gossip Girl on hiatus until April 18, speculation is already running rampant on which recently-absent characters will return to stir things up the Upper East Side.

Here's what TV Line's Michael Ausiello has to say about ...

Jenny: Surprise surprise, we'll have to wait and see. Executive producer Joshua Safran didn't go into more detail than that. Taylor Momsen is currently touring to support her new album, though she's scheduled to make a pit stop in NYC this week ...

Little JH

Georgina: As we told you yesterday, via Michelle Trachtenberg, “Georgina is coming back later this season,” Safran reports. “We love Michelle. We love Georgina."

"We love coming up with new [schemes] for Georgina. If you’re a fan of [her previous stints], then this one will be very satisfying.” Look for a one-episode visit.

The Prince: Blair’s royal crush Louis will figure into the equation big time when the show returns. How? Here's what the executive producer had to say about it:

“I’m very proud of this season, but I’m especially proud of these last five episodes,” says Safran. “I feel like they go to all the places I would hope - if I were just a fan just watching - the show would go. And that involves Prince Louis."

"But in what capacity, I don’t want to say. Obviously there are paparazzi shots of him out there so people know he’s coming back, but I think they might be surprised about the way in which he comes back.”

Aunt Carol: Lily's sister is coming to town, and not alone. She’ll be accompanied by her daughter (played by The Mountain‘s Kaylee Defer). That means we're going to meet Serena and Eric’s cousin, which is an interesting and unexpected twist.

Also intriguing? Kaylee Defer's contract with the show includes an option to become a series regular next season, so this guest character might just stick around!

Defer, K

What do you think of these Gossip Girl notes and casting rumors? Who are you most looking forward to seeing back? Leave a comment below and discuss!

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IT is so funny to me how all the fucking know-it-all's out there seem to think CHUCK/BLAIR will just end up together and live happily ever after people this ain't a fucking fairy tale is TV how often do they have a happily after rare Chuck is a fucking dick and all I know is the writer's also said it will not be the end of DAN/BLAIR that it took 4 years coming just to become friends why do you suppose they did that if they had no plans? AS i recall Blair was in bed for a week thinking she was ill DAN told ERIC she looked confused and walked off left him in the coridor anyone who seen her take charge and the kiss well she looked as if she enjoyed it besides if she realized she wanted CHUCK she would have went to him not waited BLAIR is someone who goes after what she wants she and DAN liked the kiss there was no mistaking that kid yourself all you want BLAIR admited she had a connection with DAN but she also knows his history with SERENA and she is not a slut or stupid but sometimes insecure when it comes to SERENA how does she know that DAN would not choose SERENA over her she has had to compete with her since season 1 all except CHUCK but it wasn't like CHUCK didn't go there he tried to screw SERENA at his father's hotel remember if I recall there is no one he hasn't tried to screw I'm honestly surprised him and Lily never got it on I mean what the hell is so epic about CHUCK and BLAIR no one forgets there true love but they also don't forget all the shitty stuff they did to them listen I Really Liked Season 2 when he finally said I Love u it was a long time coming he caused BLAIR alot of Pain and Heartache when Season 3 came on I mean the mystery was gone between CHAIR they we're BORING!!! things move on so don't be so surprised if they dig deeper into the storyline with DAN and BLAIR it sure can't hurt the ratings so bring SEASON 5 ON GG XOXO


What about Dan's, Serena's and Eric's steop brother? I've been wondering where he is... That's a story that could very easily create new mess!!! As far as Dair is concerned, I hope they don't end up together when we've seen how much Chair mean to each other!!! Goergina is always something I personally look forward to and then... The prince and the cousin... I guess we'll just have to wait and see! Although the waiting period is unjustified if you ask me...


One of the last spisodes quotes:
Blair:"If Chuck and I are meant to be together then I should trust that."
even B knows that Chuck is the one and only for her!


Give DAIR a chance people!, they are very cute together, just the fresh air Blair needs. I used to love Chuck, but come on I'm tired of him, I have no doubt that he probably gonna like Serena and Eric’s cousin, or another woman, he can't keep his pants on.


I hate DAIR!!! i mean, dan and blair, thats the most disgusting thing ever, dan can die or anything, or go out with smart, annoying characters, like he is one, they shoul bring nelly yuki back for him, they can make her a hot bitch, or whatever, but still that annoying inside and everything, they should marry and get some children and move to texas!!!
the only one, true, real lovestory is all about chuck and blair, they are perfect for each other, they loved each other from the begging til now, now that blair knows how it is to be blair waldorf and not chuck bass`s girlfriend, they can be together, finally, they cant live without each other, let them be the perfect couple on the UES!!! they deserve it, after everything they went through!!!
raina should die too, no need to mention her at all!!
nate should try it with jenny again or with carols daughter, and he needs a new interesting storyline!!! maybe doing something on his own and not just living with chuck and fuck his ex girlfriend, he is better than this, he should have more than just chucks leftovers!!!
serena, i dont care who she is with, she just shouldnt be with dan/nate/chuck, thats all. she can have the prince...
i would like to see eric with damien, thats not really possible, but they are cute...
and lily should have more fun...her perfect marriage with rufus annoys me, they need more action!
ah, before i forget it, vanessa can die too...
and georgina should become a regular character, now, that there wont be vanessa anymore...


There was a very interesting pic of leighton and ed on set that was taken this monday...she was wearing an engagement ring, and they looked really happy...so good chances for CHAIR!!!!


I'm interested in seeing how Prince Louis fits in all this. I always had a feeling he would return, since he said something like that before the Paris episodes ended. Never did I expect his return to be so soon. I thought he would come in during the season after this. As for Chair, I believe they will always end up together. Perhaps not now, but in every season they will always have some sort of connection. However, it's nice to see Blair with Dan. They have a relationship that isn't based purely on scheming/plotting/planning/sex, etc. Dan is able to bring the best out of Blair. I mean, I got to know Blair better through Dan than through Chuck. We get to see how Dan and Blair have a lot in common. They like watching similar films, shows, etc. And they're really very funny together. Plus, Dan humbles her sometimes and he sees her for who she is on the inside. He knows she's more than just the girl who schemes. I love that about them. They're growing relationship is relatable, genuine, and realistic. Maybe I'll get some catty comments from some people, but I'd love to see Jenny come back. Honestly, we need a little scandal in here. Just a bit more than what we were left with. Jenny's not my fave character, but I love how she always brings some drama when she's on the show.


Man the Chair fans are like a cult. Blair should be happy with whoever she ends up with >>
I am all for the Dair pairing since it brings out the best forboth characters. Blair can't stay the same sinister, manipulative main protagonist forever, she is growing, maturing. Of course she still has aspects of her past but it is obvious that she is not in high school anymore. She is a woman trying to find her own way without Chuck crushing her heart. She finally is becoming an independent woman without Chuck trailing behind her back.


CHAIR's love will win out!! Cannot wait. CB=KISMET!!


i have loved this show since the beginning though they had some story lines that the show could have been without all and all it has been fun four seasons so far. but from the beginning of the series seeing Dans character he seemed a little to bland and little by little he shown to be more than what he seems and for almost this entire season Blair and Dan have been circling each other, and the much awaited kiss finally happens this couple should be left alone, granted with a few twist to make their relationship a bit interesting but not to the point of breaking them up, Blair gives Dan the extra push he needs to be a little bad and Dan pushes Blair in ways that no one on the show does, she is more honest with him and doesn't play any games, for chuck she could even admit it that she was into him but for Dan everything just came natural and easy for her, she didn't turn him away, the quick touch on the shoulder without saying take your hands of or even moving out of the way or showing any disgust, she knew what she wanted from him and gave him the perfect chance to say it " what did you have in mind" then she kisses him, prefect writing, now for some twist bring Georgina back but take out Vanessa not only does she have no point into being on the show her drama is just stupid being jealous of Serena when Dan isn't even dating her nor does he have any romantic feelings for her anymore, Chuck can be left either whoring around the upper east side or like someone mentioned bring Raina or Ava back to his side of romance, and as for Nate find him someone else he can actually have a relationship with that has no ties to anyone currently on the show or if not keep him alone, until he can get an even more interesting story line, and Serena (OMFG) who hasn't she slept with on the show, DAN

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