Grey's Anatomy Gossip: Callie & Arizona to Wed This Spring?

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Maybe it's the slew of baby shower photos that hit the web this week that sparked this marital rumor, but talk of a Callie-Arizona wedding surfaced shortly thereafter.

Can Mark be the best man for both parties? It's unclear. Asked if there's any truth to reports of a Grey's Anatomy wedding, TV Line's Michael Ausiello had this reply:

"That depends. Are you referring to the Callie/Arizona nuptial buzz, or the rumor about Der/Mer finally getting that pesky Post-It note blessed by a priest?"

"I believe the first one to be true; not sure about the second."

Hot GA Couple

We don't know if Ausiello made that Post-It rumor up, or actually heard it somewhere, but it made us laugh regardless. As for other Grey's Anatomy developments ...

It isn’t just the veterans who are doing the singing in the musical. Seattle Grace rookie Eli (Daniel Sunjata) gets in on the action, too. “I sing as a chorus member in ‘How to Save a Life,’ and then I have a small part in ‘Running on Sunshine,’” he said.

“Most of the singing, as it should be, is weighted toward Sara Ramirez, who has vocal cords that have been touched by God. For me, singing was quite a bit out of my comfort zone. It was an interesting challenge. I hope I don’t fail publicly doing it.”

Now, regarding Eli's relationship with Bailey ...

Sunjata also shared that Eli’s mostly-physical relationship with Dr. Bailey becomes “a bit more substantive and meaningful” in the upcoming weeks. Does that mean he might actually stick around, rather than shipped off to another Shonda series a la Jason George?

“My [involvement] is kind of open-ended,” Sunjata said of his stint on Grey’s Anatomy.

“I may be on until the season finale and possibly into next season from what I’m hearing, but it hasn’t been hammered out officially yet.” Here's hoping!

What do you think about the above spoilers and teasers? Do you want Eli to stick around - and do you think Calzona will tie the knot?

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I have no idea if MerDer will get a real wedding but I think that Calzona will. Read this, I found it on TvGuide; Grey's Anatomy has cast actress Gina Gallego to play the mother of Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez). The soap opera veteran will debut May 5 as Lucia Torres, the wife of Callie's father, Carlos (Hector Elizondo), who will also appear in the episode. Gina, 55, is known to daytime audiences for her recurring roles on numerous daytime soap operas. Her credits include Santa Barbara, The Bold and the Beautiful and, most recently, Days of Our Lives, where she played a prison warden. Lucia and Carlos are coming to Seattle at the same time Callie's girlfriend, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), welcomes her parents, Barbara (Judith Ivey) and Colonel Robbins (Denis Arndt), fueling speculation that a wedding might soon be taking place. Don't miss the coming episodes of Grey's, which I guarantee will take Calzona on a roller coaster ride of epic proportions.


"Grey Area": A lot of professional don't change their last names, because their work was established through their maiden names. You don't see Addison being Dr. Sheppard either, so why with Meredith. Plus, this is a play on Gray's Anatomy - a textbook, not "grey area"


I am all about M and D. I hope they move into their house and have babies even if it is adoption. I think they will make great parents. I have watched the show based on those characters. The other character are ok. I think Merdith deserves some happiness. Her childhood wasn't great. I feel they are married I love the post it but it would also be great to see them really marrried too.


I would love for a Callie/Arizona wedding to happen :)


Keep dreaming for a MerDer wedding... Never gonna happen because Shonda Rhimes has already said there will never be a real wedding... KEEP DREAMING PEOPLE YOU KNOW IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!


Did you ever think that the reason Mer doesnt offically get married to Der is because Shonda wants to keep the main GREY in Grey's Anatomy? I mean, if Mer gets married then she would be Merdeith Shepherd so what would happen to the title of GA? She can't change it to Shepherd's Anatomy. Hahahaha. Just a thought.


LOL1.. keep dreaming!.. not gonna happen, ever.


I think the MerDer Post-It wedding would make sense they have gone through so much together the fact that Dr.Merdith Gray could become Dr.Merdith Shepard makes me happy and I think other MerDer fan would be happy as well. I also hope if this MerDer Post-It wedding happens maybe soon after there will be a McBaby for MerDer! As for Calizona wedding Im not a fan I think Callie should forget about Arizona and focus on Mark and Baby. I seriously honestly think Mark and Callie are ment to be together Its obvious Mark and Callie are supposed to be together because like MerDer they keep on coming back to eachother. If this Calizona wedding happens Mark is gonna be there for Callie is gonna be bitchy because of hormones from the pregnancy Arizona is gonna leave like before then Mark and Callie are probaly gonna get back together then when Arizona comes back Callie is gonna kick her to the curb!!!!!!!!!!!


@RaXXX. You can call this show all you want, I don't really care... all I know is that it shows Calls & Az much more than MerDer this season, that's why I've called it Torres Anatomy as a joke (not like I owe you any explanation). ... & please do not call me 'dude/dudette' 'coz where I'm coming from people are more civilized & don't call each other dudes (world is not all about America & American language expressions in case you haven't noticed)... I mean that is if you can manage it of course, lol!


Id love a CalZona wedding......just not yet though. I sort of thought that if season 8 was going to be the last of Grey's then it could end with MerDer finally in their new house and pregnant at least and also maybe a CalZona wedding then. If they get married too soon and also have this baby, things will just become a little bit too comfortable for them, in my opinion it would totally cramp their style.

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