Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode Sneak Peeks: A Surreal Experience

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The shocking end of last night's Grey's Anatomy, "This Is How We Do It," came out of nowhere and set the stage for next Thursday's much-anticipated musical episode.

An out-of-body experience for Callie, whose life hangs in the balance, "Song Beneath The Song" will pay homage to the great music of Grey's Anatomy like never before.

Four sneak peeks released by ABC give us a good idea of what the episode will be like. The opening scene is far from a joyous song-and-dance routine, that's for sure.

Here's the aftermath of the crash that ended last night's show ...

Follow the jump for three more scenes from "Song Beneath the Song." All involve music fans of the show will recognize, setting the tone for the drama as it unfolds.

We've also included the promo airing after last night's episode. Watch these clips and tell us whether you're excited for the episode and how you see it playing out ...

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Was it just me, or did anyone else notice that Callie actually thought she threw her own phone in the backseat and that Arizona was telling her to buckle up? As I remember it...the only reason she was unbuckled and thrown threw the windshield was because of Arizona's jealousy and Arizona throwing the phone into the backseat. I wonder if the storyline will play out with Callie beating herself up over the condition of the baby and Arizona so selfish that she allows Callie to take the blame. It would definately make Mark angry for Callie to be the reason for the babys condition. And Arizona would love to drive a wedge between Callie and Mark, even it is at Callie's expense. What does everyone else think?


Worse show ever! If I wanted to watch a musical I would have. Gre ys is a drama and the singing ruined the show for me! It was more of a comedy and I was waiting for dancing in the operating room.


I hope you never ever do a musical again. hated it! Could hardly watch. Ruined this wonderful show!


I LOVE GA...but this was the WORST .... I hope they never EVER do this again.....!!!!!


If there was any question if GA had jumped the shark...this singing episode leaves no doubt that it has.


My favorite clips is the 3rd and 4th


Did they sing in the or with their masks on?? That seemed so weird--


My favorite clip is the first one. I know it's graphic and all, but the acting by JCap and SaRa is just phenomenal in that scene. SaRa was so freakin good with the death rattle breathing on the hood of the SUV. They are so good which is why the C/M/A baby drama thus far has been a total waste of their talents. I'm looking forward to the MerDer stuff in this episode, and we'll see if we actually get C/A or if it's still C/M/A since Mark and Arizona will be spending their time outside the OR with each other.


Jessica Capshaw killed that song and the way she song it was freaking awsome


@SaraRamirezSandraOhEricDaneJessicaCapshaw(my favorite) its not really arizonas fault it just that stupid truck fault!!!

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