Grey's Anatomy Musical Preview: Hickey Alert!

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Grey's Anatomy returns March 24. That episode is called "This Is How We Do It." The following week's "Song Beneath the Song" is presumed to be the musical episode.

The clip below, which surfaced online this morning, is teased as being a sneak peek of the big musical event, although there is no singing, and it appears to be cut short.

Still, it involves Alex Karev and a hickey, so it's worth watching. Here you go:

We'll get to the bottom of this clip and hopefully have more insight for you soon. For more on the musical episode, check out this sneak peek and song list from March 1.

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I remember the time when MAC was MAGIC but we will see Izzie or George for never


to knowitall: even though your language is a bit rude, many people feel like u do which is why 3 million viewers have left the show since january.
to shonda: go back to basics and focus most of the show on meredith and the residents (esp. alex, cristina) and their love lives (i.e. merder, cris-owen, alex-fields, avery-lexie, mark-lexie). stop giving prominence to supporting characters (i.e.arizona, callie, teddy, stark).


CAM= Callie, Arizona, Mark MAC= Meredith, Alex, Cristina


CAM = Callie, Arizona, Mark MAC= Meredith Alex Cristina.


Nobody cares about Callie and her baby or the fact that she can't decide what her sexuality is or the fact that she falls in love about as often as I take shits. I vote for removal of all "supporting actors" from this show, and I would like to emphasize the words SUPPORTING ACTORS because in every sense of the words, the supporting actors have become lead actors and the lead actors have become the supporting actors. It doesn't work. It hasn't since season 4. No wonders I only watch the MERDER highlights by merdertruelove82 on youtube and said eff the entire cast, I don't care about them and as far as I'm concerned, they no longer exist


You're so right. When the others join them, it looks so forced.. M/A/C they know each other inside and out and it's what we have left from MAGIC and it would be amazing if we see more of them together.


MAC stands for Meredith,Alex and Cristina or for
Mark,Arizona and Callie?


I love these three together. I hope that we will stop seeing scenes of Lexie, Kepner and Avery joining them for lunch, cos it detracts from the pithy comments MAC make cos they know each other so well. I'm also very relieved there is dialogue in 7.18


So we shall look for a bitch or vampire near Alex.But only Lucy Fields is showing


Alex Karev please marry me!I love you!

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