Grey's Anatomy Season Finale to Focus on Three Characters

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This year's Grey's Anatomy season finale will be different.

Creator Shonda Rhimes has promised this. Unlike May 2010's epic finale, which had a profound impact on everyone at Seattle Grace, the ending to the seventh season will be quieter, only one hour long and focused on three original characters.

You're looking at one of them right here ...

Karev Pic

“Meredith, Cristina and Alex are all left in a position that’s surprising,” Rhimes tells TV Line.

“I think that fans are going to be very surprised about a lot of the things that happen [in the season finale]. A lot of things get turned on their head.”

Much as we love Callie, Mark and Arizona, a lot of fans have lamented at the same time that the show feels like Calzona's Anatomy at times. Tomorrow night's musical event, as anticipated as it is, will certainly be a prime example of that.

So a finale focusing on three of the interns we've gotten to know since day one should be great. Any theories on what the finale holds for these three? Discuss!

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had a power outage and missed the final episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. When will i be able to watch them on the computer?


Why dosen't Grey's ever really focus on Bailey. She is a great character. She seems to be so strong and independent on the outside but on the inside she is very insecure. I think they need to bring that out a little more and focus on her romance with the hottie nurse!


Cristina didn't have an hysterectomy. She had a salpingo-oophorectomy.


I am going to be SOOOOOOO annoyed if Christina gets preggers! I mean, she got a hysterectomy! How can she possibly be getting pregnant! Major faux-pas on the director's part!


@Valerie 3rd comment: Something I don't understand is how the producers can possibly allow Christina to get pregnant when she has had a hysterectomy! Don't they remember the old plots?!?


In the previews for the finale, Derek says he can not live with anyone who knows right from wrong. It seems to me he is always leaving Mer without looking at issues from her point of view. He supported Christina during her PSTD but not much to Mer; he did not have much of a reaction to the loss of his child; he lied to Mer about being married and still pressured her into a relationship that he wanted the way he wanted it. Thankfully Mer took the time she needed but it seemed she was alone until she reminded him of her feelings in each situation. I would like to have him see her side for once and tell her. Christina seemed to turn into another person that is purposefully going against the grain. I would not have pegged her to be as extreme as depicted in the last show. Again she is in a relationship where the male is trying to mold her into what he wants. I would like to see her be the strong independent person she started out to be. Young girls need to see that males can accept them for who they are and not need to be molded into what they want. Alex is a fun character in that he ends up being in the right place at the right time. It would be nice to see him supported by a independent female who respects him and not try to get something from him or go crazy on him. He is great with children and I think that the character should continue excelling in that direction.


Oh, and Teddy finally realizes that she has feelings for Henry and he finally tells her how he feels.


Ok, so since tonights episode we have learned a lot and I'm not sure that I'm going to like the season finale....AT ALL!! The preview for next weeks episode just about made me cry!
- Derrick leaves Meredith because she traded out the envelopes with the treatment and Alex ratted her out. Derrick says in the preview that he can't raise a child with someone who doesn't know right from wrong. I love Meredith and this just breaks my heart. She wanted Richard's wife, Adelle, to get the treatment so she could possibly live a better life than her own mother and not be taken over with the alzheimers. Meredith gets fired and is all alone.
- Christina get pregnant, I know she doesn't want to be a mom but this is nothing compared to what Meredith is going through.
- Alex...chef resident? Ugh, I'm so upset that he snitched on Meredith. I could care less as to what's going on with him and that Lucy girl. She takes his job in Africa, which was a bold move.


I hope it has something to do with IZZIE!!!! Shonda promised closure and we have yet to see it!! Prolley wont be but lets hope soooo!


well I have loved Greys even more since Arizona came into the picture. Callie and her are perfect for eachother. Owen who i never cared for, since the musical event i dont mind him anymore. Always have loved Merideth and Christina. I think MerDer will adopt Zola, Christina will get chief resident and ALex stays in peds and and hoping a new twist for him.

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