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"Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep)" had the me searching for answers.

The hour didn’t provide great strides in any storylines, instead focusing on subtle steps towards the back half of the season. To wit: it looks as though Charlotte’s baby and Marti’s questions about her father will play a big role later on.

Pregnant Charlotte

Dan is back in his adorable boyfriend/awesome best friend glory. His friendship with Marti is one of the most enjoyable things about this show. It almost seemed like no time passed and the awkward phase between the two never happened. These two really remind me of Lucas and Haley from One Tree Hill, especially in the earlier seasons. Although it may seem that this pair as a couple is the endgame for the series, Dan and Savannah is the right move for the time being.

Meanwhile, it looks like Lancer will be welcoming a new student. Giving Dan an arc outside of Marti and Savannah should make for some interesting character development, simply giving him something else to do.

Savannah handled the fact that her sister had gotten pregnant by her ex rather well, don't you think? There is no chance I could have let it slide like that! The twist with Noah was a little predictable, though.


  • Anyone else interested to see if anything will play out between Lewis and Nasty Cathy? Could this unlikely pairing be the next couple on the show?
  • I take back everything bad I ever said about Alice. This girl is downright hysterical and brings the much-needed humor to various scenes.
  • Both the Hellcats and the Cyclones put on an amazing performance for that grungy band. The stunts were insane and the tumbling was unreal. I can't wait for Nationals.

Overall, not my favorite episode. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Are you glad to see Red and Vanessa get together? Interested to find out more about Marti’s father? You have a lot of time to discuss these and other topics: the next new Hellcats episode airs on April 19.


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-i'm sorry but Noah being the father of Charlotte's baby was unpredictable to me honestly.
by the look of the previews for this episode i kept saying, dan dan dan. then freaked out when it was noah.
i think if dan were the father, the show would be more interesting honestly.
-red and vanessa, now that was predictable. i so saw that one coming.
-lewis and cathy...no. interesting, but no. just shouldn't happen. it'd be like the fourth bring it on movie and that one was my least favorite storyline wise.
-alice: hysterical. i love her character and glad she broke it off with jake when she found out what he did to travis. i really hope the writers give alice a more dynamic role though. it'll be interesting where the show goes with her character and i'm excited to see what happens when the show comes back


they are perfect together.....
Lewis and nasty kathy....it's a good thing


they are perfect together.....
Lewis and nasty kathy....it's a good thing


I agree with everyone who says that Vanessa and Red are the best couple on the show, but I go a step futher and say they are the best thing about this show. Just really enjoy watching them together.


What was Dan thinking, it just doesn't seem sincere with him and Savannah. While it may seem like the end of the show would come if Dan and Marti ended up together, it could just be the opposite, if the writers are as creative as I know they could be. There are too many loose ends that don't make up for a Dan and Savannah reunion. Dan could just be single, nothing is wrong with that and Savannah could find someone that suits her. This just isn't working. As for Vanessa, it's still frustrating over the poor execution of the split with her ex, it just doesn't matter. Hmm Alice does provide a good comic relief.


I can't find the song that both squads fight over, any idea if the band name's a fake one and where I can find it? Thanks!


It was great to see an actual routine again. Alice is indeed hilarious, e.g Alice trying to get out of Savannah's house and Alice sparring with Nasty Cathy, especially the spider comment. Alice/Savannah is more entertaining than Alice/Marti. Lewis and NC were fun to watch.


Red & Vanessa are my favourite couple on this show. I find myself more interested in the adults. Dan annoys the hell out of me. Marti has her moments but would be loads more interesting if instead of forcing the tried friend live triangle they pushed her in Julian's direction..?


I am very glad to see Red and Vanessa get together because they are one of the couples with extreme chemistry that you cannot deny. The other one will be Jake and Alice, of course, but Jake is in jail for the time being. Travis do not make a important part of this show so they need to get rid of him as soon as possible. I will say that Alice and Savannah friendship is a 1000 times better than Savannah and Marti so we need more Savannah/Alice friendship. If I was Alice I would have probably walk in Vanessa's office to see what is going on.

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