Nikita Picture Preview: "Covenants"

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Nikita will return on April 7 with a confrontation and an intriguing offer.

On the episode "Covenants," look for Michael to confront Nikita with the revelation that he knows Alex is the mole. What will he do with this information? Bribe the show's title character with the following deal:

Find the man who killed my family within 24 hours... or I'll go tell Percy all about Alex.

How will this eventually lead to the major development teased in this promo? It's unclear. But The CW has released a few photos from the upcoming installment to whet our insatiable Mikita appetite. Click on each now...

Mikita Scene
Michael and Nikita Photo
Alex and Nikita Scene
Percy and Michael

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Just looking at these pictures make me anticipate Nikita return.


OMG im dying over here just read the review its gonna be AMAZINGGGG cant wait to see it on the 6


i think that the teaser promo is not for the upcoming episode but for the season finale. maggie did said in an interview that the finale was going to be emotional so i think that the hook up with micheal was what she meant. but if it were to happen in the next ep is fine with me but i just dont see how in 42 minutes they are going to fit all that in.


mt theory too :-)


So heres my theory.
Nikita helps Michael kill Kaseem. Michael becomes emotional and goes to nikita and they kiss.
....and then michael later betrays her.
From the spoilers that I've read, this seems to be the logical conclusion.
although i hope i'm wrong. :D

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