Nikita Teases One Moment, One Kiss...

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In our exclusive interview with Maggie Q, the Nikita star opened up about life on set and what's to come on this CW hit. It's a worthwhile read.

But sometimes a kiss can say more than any hints or spoilers ever could. Such is the case in the most recently-released promo for the return of Nikita.

It features Michael... and Nikita... and the intriguing tease of how "one moment can change everything." What does the future hold for these two? No one can say for certain. But fans can get an exciting idea via the following preview for the show's April 7 return.

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All I can say is FINALLY!!!! But it better be real and not a dream. They should get together and then work together to bring down Percy!!


im gna be pissed if this is a dream!


i bet its part flashback (the kiss) part present (the i should have listened to you 5 years ago)


if this is a dream the writers have just lost one of their moi haha. really why do we have to wait till april 7th?! so that they can air some lame-ass show? pfft


If this is a dream or something I'm gonna be pissed I totally Love them hope it's for real


I was not expecting that at all! OMG, can't wait! I'm excited to see how this will actually play out, hopefully it is what it looks like!


If they are only teasing us im going to be pissed the show can go on with them as lovers and working together without anyone knowing


do you know the song??i need it!!


I was not expecting this preview at ALL. I do not even know what to think except that I can't wait for april


Then for the Malex fans, they have good caring chemistry but not love. I always imagine that Nikita and Michael are seperated but have Alex as a adoptive daughter because they both care for her on the same level.

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Nice. Awkward. Girls like awkward. Makes them feel special.


Percy: At least one good thing came out of this: now you know who your real friends are.

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