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Her role on Gossip Girl made her a star, but Taylor Momsen is loving life even more these days doing something different, touring with The Pretty Reckless.

Sleeping on a bus and performing at a different venue nightly with her band, the 17-year-old actress, model and singer is living a lifelong dream, she says.

With her talent - and a little PR boost from her vintage bondage and lingerie inspired outfits - she has helped her band to surprising success in the past year.

The Reckless have become bigger and bigger, both commercially and critically.

Momsen Live

Taylor Momsen's music career has really blossomed.

"It's an amazing feeling. I never expected it," she told the Daily Mail (UK). "I guess they really like the music which is all that you can hope for."

Momsen insists the band's songs are all her own, too.

"I wrote all the songs with Ben, who's our guitarist. It is very much me. I wrote the record. I started writing (music) when I was about five," she says.

Asked if she thinks she's hyper-sexualizing herself through her racy clothing, she said: "Well I love vintage and I loved remaking vintage pieces. So that is where is started."

"The white corset dress from the tour was a corset from the 1920's that got reworked."

Asked if she would like to leave Gossip Girl behind and focus on the band, she claims she is grateful for the opportunities it has given her.

"I've had such a great time filming the show and they are being very supportive in letting me tour so I'm thankful for that," Taylor said.

"I'm going to be touring for the whole year almost so they have been very understanding in allowing me to do that."

But will she be back next season? "Possibly," she responded with a laugh.

Do you want her to come back? Do you miss Jenny? Regardless, we wish Taylor nothing but continued success with the Pretty Reckless!

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i think she should return as a rockstar. then she should sing since youve been gone to chuck. it would be awesome. and if youre uncomfortable looking at taylor, then get over yourself. the only opinion on clothes belongs to the person who is wearing them ,or the designer. designers send her stuff, they make her stuff, so theyre happy, but the person who matters the most is taylor, and shes very comfortable and happy in her clothes. shes the only person whos opinion matters when it comes to her own clothes. so leave her alone.


My teenage years were the worst of my life but I didn't feel the need to express that by dressing like a whore rag doll.... I say if the singing career keeps her off Gossip Girl, all the power to her. Her acting is terrible.


There is nothing wrong with being a gothic individual or a complete bitch because reacting to her personality is just one way of saying you are the bitch. I am not supportive of her actions but she is at that age of rebelling still.
No teenager is perfect and we can't expect there will problems. I bet almost every teenager has broken down because of the stress. If you said "I had a perfect life during my teenage years". I am going to laugh so hard.


Taylor Momsen is a complete douchbag... Maybe it's her age but she comes across as a total immature little bitch.... If the whole goth slut rocker girl is what fulfills you and keeps you off Gossip Girl, fill your boots, little girl... show's better off without you.


the show needs Jenny!!!!
Taylor u can do both singing and acting!!!!!!


@Summer "or Georgina sparks" LMAO


Uh, @Becky, she might be a bit revealing, and she probably should behave better, but...really? "Find Jesus"? Come on, she's a teenage singer, not a prostitute, or an alcoholic, or Georgina Sparks. Grow up.


i really like Jenny from season 1 .. she was such a really cool girl...frindly and all that stuff...is true that bigger money chance a man .. since she moved on the upper east side=totally different Jenny!! YUCK


She's a whore and needs to find Jesus. I see Taylor Momsen in 2 years as the new Lindsey Lohan.

Al in germany

It would be nice if Jenny returned, the show seems to be missing something without her. Nice of them to let her take time out and follow her passion though.


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