Parents Television Council Slams Glee for "Muddled, Appalling" Message on Teen Sex

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The Parents Television Council is taking major issue with the latest episode of Glee.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Isett, the organization's director of public policy, says various scenes were "pretty appalling," specifically the one captured below, where Holly danced for Artie and other students.

"Real-world teachers don't lap dance with their students," Isett said.

Dancing for Artie

Overall, "it sends a muddled message," Isett said, also citing Puck and Lauren's desire to make a sex tape. "I'm sure if you were to talk to Ryan Murphy, [he] would say they're trying to present an honest portrayal, and that it makes it easier for kids to talk to their parents about these issues, and all of that is certainly commendable. But at the same time, the show is based on making sexual content look cool. "

Isett acknowledged Burt's chat with Kurt ("Kudos for having a real discussion about those things. You really don't see a responsible sex talk on TV very often."), but added that, from the outset, the episode aimed "to make the celibacy club look like the nerds convention."

"There was very little doubt - despite  the sort of lip service the show gave to responsible sexual activity - that the gist of the show was lap dances with students is cool, the celibacy club is not, and when it's presented in that way, it really cheapens whatever discussion there is about consequence and responsibility."

Did you watch? Do you agree with the assessment of the PTC?

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Maybe the celibacy club is lame at fist with only a couple of nerds, but then PUCK SAYS HE'S JOINING CAUSE HE WANTS TO BE RESPONSIBLE AND ALL so in the end it doesn't look like that.
Then tell me that everything that happens with Kurt is about sex and not teaching how to take care...


Glee isn't exactly known for towing the line of realism: Sue Sylvester. Punching out kids and taking over the school and being Sue pretty much defeats the notion that Glee is trying to portray realism. It's a dramatized show for entertainment. PTC: remove rod from ass please.


@lapus17 - right wing america? Seriously? Have to throw in your political bias into a comment about Glee...? I'm sure there are complaints and compliments from both left and right wing...


I found the comment "Real-world teachers don't lap dance with their students" particularly funny. Of course they don't.
I'm sorry, but if some boy is going to go up to his teacher and ask for a lap dance because he saw it on Glee and he thinks that's normal then that's not Glee's fault.
If this is the case, I think that boy has some kind of mental illness. So you see, if you watch TV, and you're older then, say 8 years old, you kind of know that TV-series are NOT REAL!


Oh and did they even watch the entire episode? Gwyneth`s character was moved to a different school because of parent complaints. Soo...She didn`t get away with anything...She was basically fired...And she makes valid points in that episode. Do you think Quinn would ever have gotten pregnant if she had gone through proper sexual education??? Probably not. Also I don`t know why North America insists on scaring their kids about sex. Kids are more likely to get into trouble if they`re ignorant. And when they get into trouble they feel like they cant talk to their parents causing them to get desperate, driving them to make decisions that could hurt the rest of their lives. Like botched abortions or not treating an STI, just to name a few. North America needs to stop catering to the paranoid few and actually treat sexual education seriously. Which includes both the physical and emotional aspects of it.


What the hell are they talking about? There was no lap dance. She didn't touch any of the students. She most certainly didn't grind on any of them. PTC needs to stop sending muddled messages. Celibacy clubs are unrealistic and this isn't the first time Glee has covered one. The point was that if you avoid the topic of sex kids are going to get into trouble because they dont know. Also about the sex video, Holly says right in there that it's illegal and they have the most in depth convo I've ever seen on a television show about it. I think Glee did the best job I`ve ever seen on balancing message with entertainment. PTC should go attack someone else. Here`s the thing, you don`t like you`re kid watching it...Block it. Parental settings on tv and internet allow that. Glee did a good job this time around.


Lame. I'm glad we don't have this council in the UK. Do they really think that people take what is on Glee completely seriously and as accurate portrayals of real life?


A Parent TV Council! You guys really have that in America? Being from the UK I have to say I have never heard of that before,so my question is what the hell does it do?


I think the glee episode was pretty good. But i also didn't like the weird lap dancing scene either. It's sometimes a bit confusing to know when glee is taking itself seriously, or when it's just being some sort of parody of high school life when they go back and forth like crazy in one episode. So you don't know whether to laugh, or be like...what are they thinking? But ya, the only reason we even think that dance could even be appropriate was a.) because it's gwenyth paltrow doing the dance, and b.) she's a woman. But in all honesty if it was a 40 year old something male teacher doing that w/ a student...i think the first thing that comes to mind is...creep.


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