Penn Badgley on Dair Connection: Fun Stuff!

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Many fans resisted the notion of a Dan-Blair romance on Gossip Girl. Others were all for it long before the show even began setting it up in the mid-season finale.

You can count Penn Badgley among those in the latter category.

At Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2011 Fun Fearless Males party, Penn was all about his character’s flight of fancy, the actor who plays Lonely Boy told MTV this ...

Dearest Daniel

Penn Badgley is all for the Dair story line.

“It was something new for my character, and I was having fun with the rapport, and I think my dialogue benefited from it. It was actually a lot of fun to work with Leighton."

"I hadn’t much. We were like the only two who had never really interacted.”

For more of what Badgely had to say, including how certain women in his life (cough, Vanessa, cough, Serena) will react to the new lovebirds, check out the video here.

Then tell us how you feel about Dair, romance-wise ...

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LOL, please, no way a poll says more than the ratings.


It still looks from that link that Gossip Girl is still the top rated show on the CW. Even beating out Vampire Diaries and Smallville. The "Killing the Ratings" stuff doesn't fly. LOL, what? Where are you taking this from? TVD and Smallville are doing A LOT better than gg. Even gg reruns are not being able to stay at the same patamar from the first hiatus


SJ, so, you care more about an online people (that can be cheated) then the ratings? Do you honestly think that a poll say more than the ratings? Dair are not together but they are at the forefront of the show. It's the only relationship between mains right now, the only relationship the writers are wasting time developing. No, and ratings have not been dropping across the board. OTH is still doing great (and omg, it's in season ), Smalville is doing great, TVD (taking out last episode) is doing great too; And no, when Chuck and Blair got together gg didnt get the same ratings, please, at least make a research before saying something that is not true at all.But anyway, the season gg got best ratings and more buzz was s2, and guess what, CB were in the forefront. And to me the ratings show that casual viwers prefer "manipulative, sexual power plays like Chair" then "Dair's true and organic relationship". At least when CB were in the forefront the ratings were great AND stable. Now that DB is taking that place the ratings just keep dropping. And you know I am not making this up.


It still looks from that link that Gossip Girl is still the top rated show on the CW. Even beating out Vampire Diaries and Smallville. The "Killing the Ratings" stuff doesn't fly.


Define "Casual Viewer" then. I'm curious about what your definition is.


Why are looking up ratings for the hiatus? No one looks at those.


Carla those aren't even the right ratings. Making stuff up to hide behind the atrocity that is Chair?


@ Olivia No, I am not the same person as BK much to your chagrin. Suprise, suprise there will be more than one person to call you out on your weak argument. Ratings have been dropping all across the board, Dair aren't even together yet and all you have is to blame to ratings. When Chuck and Blair were together Gossip Girl also got the same ratings--what do you hide behind then? Remember, Josh Schwartz invented the Seth/Summer and Chuck/Sarah storyline. It always works out for unexpected couples. Dair's relationship is true and organic and not based on manipulative, sexual power plays like Chair. If you want Blair running back to an emotionally abusive and unhealthy relationship--then good for you. Most people can spot out a toxic relationship when they see one--looks like you can't! And please, feel free to check out the poll above and see which couple people prefer.


But casual viwers don't care. 22 episodes ago is very far away for them. Yes, the IP was gross( and I am a hardcore chair fan) but in the end the casual viwers dont care. LOL at gg ratings.


LOL, GG ratings from the first episode in the hiatus: 0.490 million viewers wow, that's low even if it's a rerun GG ratings from the episodes in the first hiatus: 20/12: 0,770 million viewers
27/12: 0.760 million viewers
03/01: 0.770 million viewers
10/01: 0.780 million viewers
17/01: 0.700 million viewers Oh, wow. gg is failing so much

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