Penn Badgley on Dair Connection: Fun Stuff!

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Many fans resisted the notion of a Dan-Blair romance on Gossip Girl. Others were all for it long before the show even began setting it up in the mid-season finale.

You can count Penn Badgley among those in the latter category.

At Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2011 Fun Fearless Males party, Penn was all about his character’s flight of fancy, the actor who plays Lonely Boy told MTV this ...

Dearest Daniel

Penn Badgley is all for the Dair story line.

“It was something new for my character, and I was having fun with the rapport, and I think my dialogue benefited from it. It was actually a lot of fun to work with Leighton."

"I hadn’t much. We were like the only two who had never really interacted.”

For more of what Badgely had to say, including how certain women in his life (cough, Vanessa, cough, Serena) will react to the new lovebirds, check out the video here.

Then tell us how you feel about Dair, romance-wise ...

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The writers always cared about WTF moments or did you forget the OMFG campaign? Seasons 1 and 2 I believe.


Jenny being dared to kiss a guy at a club as part of her initiation into Blair's group is forgotten. Happened seasons ago. Blair being sold for a hotel, is 22 episodes ago, not seasons ago and is unusual and frankly F'ed up.
How are the rating doing across the board at the CW by the way? Compared to other networks?


The IP is not recent. It happened in 3x17, 22 episodes ago. It's not about pretending the IP not happened, is just not remembering it. As I said, casual viewers get over things very easily. What they care about is what they are watching at the moment. If they are interested, good, they will keep watching. If they are not they will stop watching. It's that simple. Just because some fans (hardcore ones) take things so serious, it doesnt mean everybody feels the same way. And tbh is better watch gg as a casual viwer than a hardcore one. The writers just care about their WTF moments, at this point I cant even get mad at the characters. it's just bad writing. Like Connor said, it's a pilot driven show, not character driven. How I wish they would treat CB and Chuck's character with more respect. But I am sure they will just find new ways to prop their dumb SLs. I am just glad the ratings show big changes need to change, because if the ratings keep dropping I cant see gg getting a s6, especially with a new president


Your preaching to the choir on that one. Except that incident was kind of recent. How do you forget something like that unless you just started watching the show now or just pretend it never happened?


It would be easier for you to think that SK and me are the same, that way there wouldn't be nearly the amount off DB fans your worried there are. Nothing wrong with an opinion, just don't tell people that they're views don't count by bringing up baseless facts like ratings, ect. Blair is an individual. She doesn't have to be tied to any man. She can be with whom ever she wants. The writers know the characters, not you. they can decide what direction they're lives take. Chuck whored his girlfriend out for a hotel. No way around that people. Glad you remember its just a show. This why you know there is no "ENDGAME" like Chair fans have been bragging about for years, and we we can enjoy a show based on characterization and not who HAVE to end up with each other when the show ends. Let the characters decide where the story will wind up, not who has to be chained up to someone else.


BK, not everybody, especially casual viewers, take the show so serious. The IP still is a huge problem for big part of the hardcore fans, but I can bet with you that a lot of casual viwers dont even remember it anymore. While for us (hardcore fans) things are harder to forgive or get over, that's not the case for casual viwers. And the thing with casual viewers is that they will keep watching if they are interested. If they are not they will just tune out.


BK , again, and that's the last time I am posting, PEOPLE CAN HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS. And it's just a show. People can ship whatever they want dair/chair/derena/vanessa and rufus/ nate and dorota. Chair fans believe in their couple and want the writers to fix them, what is the problem in that? Maybe Chuck cant be redeem to you but for a lot of people they can. Nothing wrong with that, just as there is nothing wrong with you shipping/liking dair. I totally understand disling a couple or character (I hate Dan and DB), but please, dont make it personal. It's a TV show, people can want different things. To me Blair is not herself with Dan. Feel free to disagree but that's how I feel. I am not being able to watch Blair's scenes Again, you are taking words out of my mouth (you and SK are the same person, right?. I never said DB is a random pairing, all I said is that Stephanie says the same things about all the couples: it's a story they are telling since the pilot, it's organic, blah blah blah. Now off to study. Have fun


By the way, how do you measure the online buzz from CB to DB by the way? And you knowing that the ratings are down because of DB is just the same as saying that the ratings were up from CB because the show was being watched by people who don't mind being treated like crap by they're boyfriends or girlfriends.


Are all online polls cheating or just the ones that pick Dair over Chair? And if so how since you can only vote once?


Go back and watch seasons 1 thru up to now. Trying to say that this is a random paring won't fly. You can start at Season 1 episode 4 and go on from there. Who did she seem to run to when Chuck was being ... well Chuck. When it wasn't Serena it was Dan. Blair to me is someone who puts up allot of walls especially when it comes to her heart. While Chuck and Blair are connected though lying and schemeing, Dan and Blair are though art, lit, and movies. Chuck and Blair are two toxic together, they bring out the worst in each other. Blair stated she wanted a pure and simple love, Chucks not simple, Dan is. She DOES deserve to be happy and not treated like crap despite what CHAIR fans might think.

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