Penn Badgley on Dair Connection: Fun Stuff!

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Many fans resisted the notion of a Dan-Blair romance on Gossip Girl. Others were all for it long before the show even began setting it up in the mid-season finale.

You can count Penn Badgley among those in the latter category.

At Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2011 Fun Fearless Males party, Penn was all about his character’s flight of fancy, the actor who plays Lonely Boy told MTV this ...

Dearest Daniel

Penn Badgley is all for the Dair story line.

“It was something new for my character, and I was having fun with the rapport, and I think my dialogue benefited from it. It was actually a lot of fun to work with Leighton."

"I hadn’t much. We were like the only two who had never really interacted.”

For more of what Badgely had to say, including how certain women in his life (cough, Vanessa, cough, Serena) will react to the new lovebirds, check out the video here.

Then tell us how you feel about Dair, romance-wise ...

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SJ, wow, I am the immature one? Just because we have different opinions or like different couples it doesn't mean I am delusional. Calm down, I was never disrepectful with you or called you names. And I have seen great articles about DB ( I never said the media hates DB or that they are not being receveid well by the media, did I?) but I havent seen "multiple reputable media outlets" referring to Dair as the new Pacey and Joey. And please, Dan is no Pacey, and Blair is a lot better than Joey. Comparing the couples make no sense to me. And PJ did save DC, but it's not what is happening with DB. THE RATINGS ARE DROPING, IT's A FACT. I am not making this up. If you dont believe me go check them yourself. And CB got amazing reviews/media attention to, and let's be honest, a lot more than DB, because the online buzz was so much bigger in s2 with CB in the forefront. But you know what, we are just gonna agree to disagree. So I'll just stop, because honestly, in the end is just a show and I have to study.


BK, I feel like I am just repeating myself. TO ME, IMO, the ratings are a lot more important than an online poll that can be cheated. And yes, I know a lot of people enjoys DB, I am not denying it, but there are also a lot of people who don't.The ratings are important, the fact that they keep dropping say something people are not interested in the show. Online buzz has nothing to do with the ratings. And please, it's not like DB is causing a HUGE online buzz. The buzz used to be so much bigger in season 2. If people were so interested on DB I am sure the writers would be better. At least CB was able to carry the show alone in s2.And like I said before, watching online is not something new, so it cant be used as an excuse for the dropping in ratings. And if you want I can bring you the DVR numbers. They are awful too. Last episode had the lowest ratings in A 18-49 after considering the DVR numbers.


Sorry I just posted the comment below, not Olivia lol.


LOL you are exactly the type of Chair fan everyone makes fun of. Living in delusion, finding every excuse under the book to defend Chuck and Chair. I hope your bf sells you for a hotel someday, that way you can find try love. The writers know people love Dair--checkout all of the interviews on why they are so invested in it. If you don't have basic comprehensive skills, I can't help you there. And yes, multiple REPUTABLE media outlets have referred to Dair as the new Pacey and Joey, just because you don't want to believe doesn't make it untrue. Your butthurt is hilarious, keep going!


She said this about CJ, that is a SL they have been telling since the pilot. Well, Dan this season seems to be the new Serena. I mean, feelings for Serena, Vanessa, now Blair and later Charlie? So he is just being a flake, like Serena. The way the writers are crazy, I am sure they are trying to say that's something Dan and Serena have in common About Chuck, as much as I hate what the writers are doing right now I KNOW the writers will give Chuck a pretty good redemption in the season finale. They wont keep him this dark and as a vilan forever. I think a lot of people will be actually surprised, because it's something really HUGE.


Thanks for the ratings lesson,
Also know that CW's ratings are down across the board. Not just Gossip girl, but last time I checked, all shows are safe for next season, except for maybe Nikita, but that show will be fine too. There was a conversation about ratings in season 1 and 2 and why they were down and people thought it was because people watched them online. Now people can watch them online and DVR. Using DB as a scape goat is juvenile. If it was them? Why would you have so much people supporting this parring? Hell, take another look at the poll or others if your not convinced.


How would they say the same thing about CJ when Chuck tried to rape Jenny? As for NS? Serena goes through men like shoes. Can't stick to just one. She has always taken Dan for granted. As for Dan, allot of women like a funny guy that will treat them great and not like crap unlike Chuck. Chuck is just not made for a real relationship. Nothing says I love you more than sex games in the rain forest, or pimping in your spare time, right?


BK, watching online was always posible, since s1. The ratings dropping in the second half of the season has nothing to do with people watching online because it's not something new. People didnt decide to stop watching live, they just stopped watching. And I really dont see how the ratins is a juvenile excuse. I am sure if the ratings were great some DB fans would be saying it's because of DB, or that DB is saving the show etc etc etc. To me ratings show if the audience is interested or not. The fact that the ratings are dropping tell me that what is going on in the show (and that includes EVERYTHING: DB, Chuck's SL, Serena sl) is not being able to keep people interested. And please, the ratings are important. That's where the shows get money from advertising.


BK, the said the same thing about CJ last season, NS (they even called them "golden couple" and where are they now?). LOL, to them everything is "organic" and has been planned since the pilot. When I read them talk is just blah blah blah to me.


Do you mind that your boyfriend or girlfriend would pimp you out for property? If you don't mind, doesn't that make you a hoe?

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