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The Bachelor season finale and After the Final Rose special were intense.

It all came down to one very difficult decision for reality TV's most notorious commitment-shy Bachelor, and there were certainly plenty of bumps on the way there.

That decision was what we had predicted, but it will be questioned by some, especially in light of some of the revelations that surfaced on the post-finale special.

Both women, Chantal O'Brien and Emily Maynard, met Brad Womack's family, and both earned the seal of approval. Although it was clear where his heart was.

Waiting to Propose

On the final two dates, things got a little heated with Emily as Brad pondered whether he could really take on the role of father to her little girl as well as husband.

Oddly, she may have had greater resistance and reservations to the idea than he. But would that fact tilt the scales in favor of Chantal? Sweet, fun-loving Chantal?

At the end of the night, he let the runner-up down as honestly as he could. "I have stronger feelings for someone else" was all he could say. And he was correct.

But who was the runner-up and who was the winner - and are they still engaged?

For what happened next, follow the link for our full recap of The Bachelor finale ...

Okay, he chose Emily. There, we said it. But there's a lot more to it than that, and some of it was extremely surprising. Follow the above link for the details!


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This is the worse Bachelor show ever it was lies deciete i have watched the bachelor every season and if this is how it is to be i don't ever want to watch it again courtney is one terrible person and Ben sent so many others home that really loved him all i can say is good for them they sure don't need him they are to good for him he deserves Courtney and like they said it has nothing to do with Ben she was in it to win it....It is so sad to think you have sent other women home for things that happened and you chose to keep courtney on there she is one pack of lies good going ben you deserve her because you sure don't deserve any of the other women they were all to good for you enjoy your life


Sorry now more bachlor for me, I loved the program, but to many sex storys going on


I want to congratulate and wish Brad and Emily the very best. I think they're great together even though they may seem to have some issues to resolve still, but who doesn't. The show is over, and now is the time for them to just enjoy each other, and I hope they end up getting married soon as well. People need to stop being so mean and vicious and just be happy for them.


Brad Womack is a Wooos!! he gets all upset because Emily is trying to explain to him what it is going to be like to be a full time dad and he gets Mad, sweaty and can't even look her in the face. He is such a puke. Emily is far too good for that snob.


I think Womack got exactly what he deserved. Last season he shattered two lovely women. I still remember the one who kept a scrapbook of their time together. And this time? I was hoping he wouldn't pick Chantal she was too good for him. I really liked her, Emily was more his speed. And I remember telling myself if he picked her they would be together two years tops....they weren't together till the end of the season! How face saving, ring re-sized and all. It just goes to prove that sad old adage right, "What goes around comes around."

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