The Good Wife Round Table: What Should Kalinda Do?

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Welcome to the third edition of The Good Wife Round Table.

Following another riveting episode of the best drama on TV, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined below by fellow TV Fanatics Jeff Kirkpatrick and Carissa Pavlica. Feel free to jump in with your opinion as they dissect various aspects of "Killer Song."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Go back and watch Kalinda's reaction when Blake says he knows about her and Peter. There's this quick, subtle look of shock and horror on Kalinda's face. It's sudden and it's acute and it's a look we've never seen on Kalinda before, and it speaks to why Archie Panjabi is an Emmy winner.

Carissa: When Kalinda found out Blake gave an ASA the information that she slept with Peter, she called Alicia immediately. It cemented for me their friendship, considering her comfort in phoning Alicia when the topic at hand could not be revealed to Alicia.

Jeff: The scenes between Eli and his daughter are probably an obvious choice, but their tug of war over the news items and Eli's annoyed reactions to her socio-political views were priceless. It also highlighted Eli at his cynical best: "America doesn't suck. People suck."

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Should Kalinda just come out and tell Alicia the truth?
Matt: Of course. But only after a bottle of wine or two dozen.

Carissa: Yes. In spite of any possible aftermath, she did not know Alicia and was not the married one. She has to tell Alicia before Peter does, because to hear this about Kalinda from Peter would be far more devastating to Alicia than hearing it from someone else about Peter. Her expectations of her friendship with Kalinda are set higher than her expectations of her marriage to Peter.

Jeff: I think so. She owes Alicia the truth, especially when she already lied to her when asked point blank in the past. If there is any chance of maintaining a relationship, Alicia needs to hear it from Kalinda and no one else. Alicia will be angry, but she has already proven herself a forgiving person. I think she has the capacity to put herself in the other's place and understand the circumstances. Kalinda was clearly desperate to eliminate her identity for whatever reason, and Peter obviously took advantage of her desperation. Kalinda was almost as much a victim as Alicia.

Preference for Cary: as a friend or foe of Lockhart/Gardner?
Matt: Neither. He was never a friend to the firm before and he isn't a foe now. What makes this show so unique among primetime dramas is its ability to paint its characters with a layered, grey brush. Cary hasn't changed a bit from his days of working with Alicia to his time now working against her. He's just been doing his job all along.

Carissa: Friend. The fabulous trio of Alicia/Kalinda and Cary is what makes the show such a pleasure for me to watch. I truly believe that lawyers working together achieve better results for their clients than when they are fighting against each other without regard for the actual people being represented in their cases.

Jeff: Friend all the way, although Cary will always be out for himself. When he was at L&G before, he blended a perfect combo of smarm and charm, and that's what I miss. As an ASA, he's done a great job and has held high moral standards with regard to his cases, even if he's had a darker and more sinister agenda to stick it to his former bosses. He'll likely never be best pals with anyone at L&G, save for perhaps Kalinda, but I like seeing him on the same side of the table with our favorite firm.

Who ended up winning the quasi air hockey game between Zach and Grace?
Matt: I gotta go with Zach. Assuming this game did continue after dinner, he probably asked her what Jesus would do, got her off on a bible rant and took advantage of her distracted demeanor. He probably won a close contest by two or three goals.

Carissa: If you take into consideration their father was late for dinner because he was covering up another lie about his past, they both lost.

Jeff: To be honest, I was so fixated on Alicia and her happy exterior that I didn't really pay much attention to Zach and Grace. But I like Carissa's answer.


I love this show i love the main charachters but i seriously cant stand the kids especially the daughter wen she starts her useless rants.


@Kael I don't remember which episode exactly but it was in Season 1 when she first found out Kalinda had worked at the State's Attorney's office with Peter.


@Smack down
We know for a fact that Alicia loves Will in the epi 2.14 or 2.15, when Alicia came back to Chicago with her brother.


"Jeff: I think so. She owes Alicia the truth, especially when she already lied to her when asked point blank in the past." Which episode was this? I can vaguely remember what you're talking about. I just can't remember where I watched it. Thanks in advance!


Kalinda the poor victim? Come on, give me a break! She's been flirting with everyone and hooking up with a lot of people to manipulate them. She's really promiscuous and wouldn't be taken advantage of by Peter in a million years! I'm against slut-shaming, too, but she's slept with a married man, so she deserves to face the consequences for it, as does he. It's as simple as that.


@Smack Down
From what i am watching is where i am getting the "who the hell said she was in love with Will?" It has been made pretty clear. We are not all delusional and imagining things.


Who the heck said Alicia was in love with WILL? She knew him at Georgetown and had a school girl crush which she said later it would have only lasted a week. She has got a wiser outlook on life now and can see what the real world is all about, I have from personel knowledge what it is like to have a cheater for a husband.
After a through look at why he cheated it became real clear to me WHY, I almost divorced him but did a 180 and i'm glad I did.
The problem started when I went back to work and forgot the family and home life for my job, my husband from time to time would call me about doing lunch and I would tell him I was swamped with work or eating with the girls. Those little lies caught up with me when one day he stopped by a saw me having a good time with a male associate at lunch. I never knew it till later when I accused him messing around and he dropped a bombshell on me which set me straight.
In the end I found out he was not cheating but had taken a second p/t job to build up the college fund for are kids, it was going to be a big surprise that almost backfired on me.


Knowing how manipulative Peter was I wouldn't be surprized if he subtly-or directly- demanded sex in exchange for helping Kalinda.Since Kalinda is probably gay or at least bisexual I highly doubt she is the one who convinced Peter to stray.
Of course Kalinda is going to have to be the one to tell Alicia if that friendship is to survive-as I think it deserves to.
I was pretty much on the fence as to whether Will or a reformed Peter was the best match for Alicia,but one line from Peter sealed the deal for me.
When he said ''I've fallen back in love with my wife'',it was over.It's one thing to be such an idiot that you think you can sleep around when you are married to a woman you love ,but to know he put this woman through all that and didn't even love her at the time, even though divorce has long been tolerated of politicians shows what a creep he really is.


Got to say that I share the opinions of Carissa and Matt.
I think the question asked by Little Angel is a good one. I understand that Alicia stood by her husband, but she should think more about what to do given that she loves Will, I don't think it will work to try to forget. Chris is making some good points as well.


I'm sorry but i really don't get the need to vilify Will to make Peter look better. Will is not perfect and i am not disputing that. But unless he killed someone during the theft/embezzlement Blake mentioned, he still got one over Peter. It's not like he made Alicia have feelings for him which she does. She had sex dreams about him and even admitted it to her brother that she had feelings for him so that's on Alicia to decide what to do with it. It's not like Will has never been straight with her about his views about how the priority is to protect the client guilty or not and keep the firm going. In my opinion, just like Julianna said one day, i think she should just be alone for awhile even though i do love her with Will. Most importantly, i want her away from Peter. I won't even comment on the so called "perfect husband and father" he has supposedly been.

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