V Second Season Finale Review: Who Died?

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So much happened on "Mother's Day" that it was almost hard to keep up. How did V bid farewell to this season? Let's break it all down...

V Season Finale Scene

Erica and the Fifth Column devised a plan to make it look like Lisa was captured and held prisoner so that she could finally put an end to Anna by killing her. Of course, Anna survived by playing on Lisa's human emotions. She pretended to care for her daughter in a way that Lisa so badly wanted to believe was valid.

In the end, though, we learned that Anna is pure evil.

Diana had such great plans for her kind. She believed that human emotion was a gift and her people should embrace it. All seemed to be falling into place until Anna came back and showed Lisa how to kill a mother by spearing Diana's heart with her tail. I was expecting more gore, but we got a fill of that later on in the episode when the replacement Lisa killed Tyler.

Poor Tyler. He truly loved Lisa and by the sheer look of horror on her face when her clone mated and then ate him, you could tell Lisa truly loved him, too.

Now Lisa is trapped in the same dungeon where her grandmother was kept for all those years. Why didn't Joshua kill the clone version of Lisa and bring the real Lisa to Tyler? Or, better yet, get the clone to believe that she belonged in the dungeon?

The Fifth Column may not have been the brightest terrorist group to fight against such a powerful force as Anna. Shouldn't they had realized that Anna had technological advances much higher than our species? It was easy for her to figure out who the traitor was. Chad Decker really should not have gone on camera as one of the terrorist. His fate doesn't look to be that promising.

Erica v. Anna

Was I the only person who was clueless on where Kyle went?

Why did Kyle just disappear when he promised Erica that he would be there to follow and support her? I was really hoping that this one-night stand would last longer than an episode or two. Erica needed this type of emotional support and I thought that Kyle could have been that for her.

I was very sad to see that the second main character to die was Ryan.

From the pilot, he had been one of my favorites and to die by the hand tail of his own flesh and blood was sad to watch. All he wanted was a normal family life, but instead he never stopped running from one thing or another. Hopefully, Amy will one day find out the truth about who and what she really is.

Amy became the most surprising character on V. Besides her ability to rapidly grow, we learned in the last few minutes that she could control the human race with her bliss. What would this mean for humankind? If the whole world (minus a few underground) was mind controlled by Amy and Anna, how would anyone be able to stop them?

Erica's boss and partner weren't trying to spy on her for FBI purposes, but for the bigger picture: to recruit her into their underground resistance called Aries. At least Erica isn't alone in her ever-decreasing terrorist group. She is now a part of this other world of people who know that the Visitors are not of peace, always.

This was an epic episode for this series and I hope to see many more like it in the third season. If there is a third season, that is.


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good work, i like the show and am glad to get your views friends. Wish i could get to see that season two.
Would you mind telling me what happened to Mr. Decka


goo work, i like the show and am glad to get your views friends. Wish i could get to see that season two again.
Would you mind telling me what happened to Mr. Decka


I love the series but all I want to know is will there be a Season 3?


I am a viewer of the of the 1982,3,4 series of 'V' and I must say that this is a hell of a situation where you have to try to evaluate something which doesn't exist. There are many ways in which you can evaluate life in a similar way. Please do not try to evaluate Jean, you will never make it. There are other things you should be doing, not this rubbish. Please do not try to evaluate Jean's husband, Jean's mother-in-law or her mother. There are much more serious issues to be considering. I am the Lord, said he. Wish not that Jean should die. You will hear from your mothers soon.


Like many people I was raised on the original series of V so I do have a reference point to base my observations against. I was hoping for a gritier, bloodier and more adult V than the original but, sadly, we have received a more sugar sweet kids version - dissapointing as it is broadcast after the watershed. I dont not want to castigate the series too much as I do enjoy watching the show but I always seem to feel left wanting something more - always just a little bit dissapointed that it offered much but just failed to deliver. I do think this has much to do with the writing - Ryan and Jack are both bad characters - not bad actors - just bad characters. I would have expected Father Jack to become more hostile to the V's after losing his congregation and Ryan had something to fight for but neither ever seem willing to rise to the challenge. Faced with the extinction of your species would you really care about 10,000 casualties? I think not so Jack's stance really doesnt bear up to scrutiny and shouldnt Ryan have been killed by one side or the other long before now? Tyler - another whiney American kid "with parenting issues" and a mother who is so limp wristed and wishy washy it is unbelieveable. I do find it hard to credit her character as being a top FBI agent and also find it hard to accept her as a leader for the the 5th column. On the plus side - great CGI on the ships and I am starting to like both Chad and Joshua more and more as characters. I will continue to watch the show and hope that it can become a bit more "real". I would like to consider myself a true fan but I think that will only happen if the storylines can be beefed up and the characters can be made a lot more believeable in overall terms. I would welcome a 3rd series and really hope that it does happen so all of you die-hards who think this V is the best thing ever to happen to TV please be gentle with any replies. I just want it to get better than it already is.


@rams if you didn't like the first season why did you watch the second season? Did your 6 year old force you to watch it? You are the type of person who is PREDICTABLE, once the 3rd season starts you'll be frantically watching it then whining on forums about it... I don't see your point in making such opinions... does telling everyone (who most likely like the show)how the show suck and how awful it is makes you feel better?


Glad Tyler is dead or I at least hope he is and I don't try some stupid stuff to bring him back. He was too pathetic and annoying. So gullible and irritable. I hope they bring Ryan back. Joshua was brought back from death last season so Joshua should bring Ryan back. It's not like anyone but Amy knows he's dead at this point. Didn't they have Hobbs daughter or was holding something over her head when he set the bomb off a few weeks ago. I think they did something to him again but he will be back. Awesome finale but they do need to improve the writing. Sometimes it's too predictable or the Fifth come up with the stupidest plans. There is no way they wouldn't be caught by now. People opening their mouths and trusting anybody for face value. C'mon now. I like the show, praying they bring it back but with better writing AND NO TYLER! Unless they clone him and give him a spine, something the really Tyler lacked.


I'm surprised no one has thought of this yet regarding Tyler....
Remember he has some of his DNA missing. The V's kept going on about removing some of his DNA to replace it with something else. I don't think he was only there to mate with Lisa. When he was bitten by evil Lisa this may be the first stage in "converting" him to whatever they need. Remember that if you they mess with his DNA then in theory they can turn him into anything they want...


Love this series...
Problem is thaT if ABC keep cancelling all their series no-one will ever bother to start watching them; and ABC will destroy their own market - madness.


im glad tyler is dead he annoyed the piss out of me, now when priest douchebag hopefully gets killed off his "morals" are way to annoying he makes the show almost unwatchable

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V Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

And this God you have so much faith in, I hope some day to meet him.


Erica: What the hell are you doing here?
Anna: No one understands what it feels like to have the weight of an entire species on your shoulders, but you. You understand.