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Wow. That sums up the reaction to last week's Criminal Minds, for better and for worse.

After bidding farewell to A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster - the latter in what really felt like a season finale Wednesday - how does the show pick up on March 30?

“We are all reeling, and yet, there is work to be done, and there’s a case we need to summon our professionalism for and dive into,” Thomas Gibson (Hotch) says.

Hotch Close-Up

Gibson in last week's powerful and controversial episode, "Lauren."

“We have a community who needs us, and they need us no less in that particular moment in our family’s history, no less than they would in any other moment. I think as the unit chief, [Hotch] is trying to keep everybody focused and keep himself on track as well."

"It’s something that obviously could be a cause for collapse," Gibson tells Entertainment Weekly, "but there’s simply too much at stake to let that happen.”

As chief and backbone of BAU, Gibson says Hotch takes his role even more seriously as the loss of Emily Prentiss threatens to briefly derail them.

“She feels like one of the essential limbs of the team, and now that limb has been cut off and they are missing it and missing her. They very acutely feel the loss,” he says.

“I think, at that point, he doesn’t have internal dialogue about that. I think the internal dialogue needs to take place, and it will take place at an appropriate time and moment, but it should not take away from the time the team is needed and when they need him.”

“There are going to be repercussions emotionally, and it’s not going to be easily digested and moved on from.”

While Cook and Brewster are gone, if not forgotten, Rachel Nichols (Seaver) is here to say.

Is there a chance she and Matthew Gray Gubler's Reid might forge a romantic connection?

Probably not, says the actor, who seems to have other ideas for a Reid love interest:

“I think Reid’s girl would be more of a champion knitter. I think he would fall in love with someone who couldn’t kick down a door. He’d be happy with a masseuse, or a woman who makes candles, or a champion yodeller. Oh, or a Himalayan Sherpa,” says MGG.

“Someone from the Himalayan mountains would be his dream girl.”

Well, there you have it. Tough luck, Seaver.

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I don't blame paget brewster for taking the pilot option at all. She needs to look out for herself since cbs is kicking good actor's off the show. I agree with the seaver's charactor is just not right. The charactor is just not fitting in. I hope the season finale is her going psycho like her dad. I will keep on watching, because there are not to many shows out there that are this good, and way to many reality shows also.


God, I hope Seaver gets the boot if not before the end of the season, then definitely at the end. Do not let this worthless character return next year. I at least, have sent a letter and emailed CBS about how badly she F's up the quality and enjoyability of the show.


I too wonder what How the team will react when it comes to finding out she alive


Annie, who did the interview with Matthew Grey Gubler? I would love to hear it for myself, hopefully he's right that AJ Cook would return to the series. And hopefully as a series regular. I think her presence on the show was taken for granted, and once she left a major part of the Criminal Minds team was really missing -- the show doesn't feel complete without JJ.


I really like AJ and Paget's characters. They were perfect for the series.I think that Rachel nichols character is a horrible subsitute for both JJ and Emily and a bad fit for Cm, or for any other show, but especially CM. She has brought nothing to the table, her lines can be given to someone else, her character is contrived, stupid and annoying and terribly wirtten, plus RN is a crappy actress. She has her moments but for the most part is acrappy actress and has no chemistry with the team. i would rather CM have just Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar moore and Kirsten vangness as the only regulars. Maybe add Kevin to the team, garcia's boyfirend. At least bring back JJ and Emily as recurring characters but CM is no place for Seaver. I hate how her presence has diminsihed all the other characters and ruined the tv reality of CM. Hotch is not acting like Hotch, Rossi is too favorable towards her and Seaver is just a bad idea. SHe has no knowledge and constantly states the obvious. And why does she act like she's in chararge ate times, asking questions that Hotch should be asking? Seriously just get rid of her. Kill her off. If CM is going to kill anyone off, it should be Seaver.


The Lauren episode was great. I hate to see Paget leave. And it was so good to see A.J. back. watching on Wednesday, was a real tear jerker for me. I new something was up in the hospital, when they were all waiting word about prentiss, because you could see that Hotch and JJ looked at each other, because they are the only one's that know the real truth. And it's because Emily is alive. And they sent her into hiding in Europe. But I'm wondering how the team will react when the find out the truth.


Does anyone know why Paget Brewster left the show? If this was her idea, then so be it. But if not this was and is a very dumb idea. Her character was perfect for the series and thanks CBS NOT!!!


Brewster did not join Criminal Mind till season 3 and if We can accpted the person who help Kill Kate on NCIS to join gibbs team these new one will do fine


I have not, nor will I stop watching. As I have said before, if the writing is good and the stories are captivating, one character should not make or break a show. Law and Order (the original) managed to make it almost twenty years, and look at the casting changes they had! Fans are loyal, but they still need a character with whom they can identify.
I did have a typo in my earlier post it should have read, "I will say this much, the original without Cook and Brewster is still better than the spinoff...by a long shot."


I agree completely to CMinds1001. I think AJ/Paget trimming was unnecessary - and CBS may have already realized its mistake by attempting to keep Brewster and allowing Cook to guest star. In a radio interview this week, MGG suggests that there's a chance AJ heads back to the series, even as recurring. But even if all of it takes place, it seems a sure thing that Rachel Nichols remais as regular in the series. I do not object the new character sticking around, but I feel it needs urgent writing development/revising if they want to make her believably fit in CM's environment. I tend to welcome change as long as they prove to be either needed or well-conceived.
That being said, I still don't see a reason to stop watching the show. It's enjoyable enough to me, and there are some storylines I still wish to follow.

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