When Gossip Girl Returns ...

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April 18.

That date feels like an eternity way after last night's Gossip Girl, an episode that in many ways redeemed the past 5-6. "Empire of the Son" saw all of the story lines set in motion this winter come to a head, culminating in an epic kiss and major cliffhanger.

So what's next?! Here's our first look ...

In the episode, titled "The Kids Stay in the Picture," and the weeks that follow, there are many questions to be answered, relationships to be explored, wagons to be circled and - hopefully - OMG moments that will remind us why we love this show so much.

Share your predictions and hopes for the rest of the season below.

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Chuck needing Blair as soon as he's in the gutter is NOT sweet. At all. Just my opinion. I've always loved Dan and Nate. Until Chuck proves me otherwise, he'll always be a douche in my eyes. He has his moments but there are too many cons instead of pros.


* eye-sex build up


Dair :D
--I LUV it. and GG better not dissapoint. Give me Dair sexy time (and a relationship :D) in Season 5 (along with a little more eye-sex building in season 4) plss!! lol


I will ALWAYS be a CHAIR fan first and foremost but I love seeing Dan & Blair together and I KNEW it would happen, EVENTUALLY. They don't have the sexual chemistry and tension that Blair & Chuck have together but it's still a connection and I hope this makes Chuck start to fight for Blair. Prince who? ;)


OMG! OMG! OMG! blair and dan... dan and blair... since first season i thought they will end together!! i dont think it will last for very much time but meanwhile we can enjoy it!! :) so dont worry chuck, at the end blair has always been yours...


i never thought i would say this, but OH THANK GOD APRIL 18TH!!! I have finals till then i need to CONCENTRATE, which no thanks to Gossip Girl, i suck at! especially when there's so much DRAMA!!!!!


love Chair but bout time its Blair who moves on and makes Chuck jealous hes had eva and raina let balir & dan.. nd serves Serena right, she treated Dan like crap.. Dair for a while but nto long term


why there are suddenly so many dair fans? everybody is bored out of their minds with idiot writing for the past two seasons. even chair fans say i love chair but dair is cute and such. always complaining how some characters have been boring lately? what is that if not boredom? whose is to blame for that? the writers. people are just bored. they want action. any action. thats why there are suddenly so many dair fans. if the writers hadn't dropped the ball a couple of seasons ago things would have been different. end of story.


you what what I think is the sweetest thing last GG episode? When Chuck has a melt down and looked for Blair! Thats so sweetttttt the only person who can understands him is Blair :)
and why is there suddenly so many Dan fans? I dont remember him having that many fans. I believe Chuck has the most fans, then Nate, then last is Dan :)


I want DAIR to last AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Wanna see some make out sessions...

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