90210 Episode Scoop: What Happens in Cabo...

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The Enchanted Donkey?!? Yes, this really is the name of 90210's April 17 episode, its first new installment in six weeks.

What can fans expect to see during this hour? The CW has released its official episode description for the spring break-based outing. Among upcoming developments...

  • Naomi brings Max along, under the guide she needs tutoring.
  • Teddy meets a former crush.
  • Annie forces Liam to embrace the local culture.
  • Silver and Adrianna's feud boils over into a "shocking confrontation."
Having Teddy's Back

And, of course, after all this, we'll learn that someone is pregnant on the season finale.

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Dixon:It's okay to be gay, we don't judge...make a move on one of these guys, there's bound to be one who catches your eye.
Teddy:*Looks around room* I'll never find a guy that sweet yet tough and who loves me for me, and who won't say no as soon as I ask him out. *glances at Liam* "Hey Liam, will you..."


@Edith how do you know that


A former crush?! I hope it's ian yay, or its the roommate from his oild life where he had feelings for..


I know who's gonna be pregnant I'll be Annie


I know who's gonna be pregnant
I'll be Annie


I can't wait for the 18th when the show returns


This show excitens me. I miss comedy Monday. :(
I can't wait for it to start up again! :D

Gaby ee

Well I can't wait to see Adrianna and Silver's feud! Although I can't say that I'm excited about Annie and Liam :S

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.