90210 Review: "The Enchanted Donkey"

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So what do you do when you fall off a horse? Why, you get right back up on that burro. Or rather on "The Enchanted Donkey."

On the return episode of 90210, Naomi and Max finally consummated their secret love affair. And much to Naomi's shock and delight, the nerd is a stallion in the sack. Score!

Max and Naomi

Having had her mind blown by sexual "prodigy" Max, Naomi couldn't bear to be away from him for a week, so she concocted some story about needing math tutoring in order to bring Max along.

Looking more like a cougar on her way to St. Tropez than a 17-year-old high school student on her way to spring break, Naomi joined the rest of the gang on some private airport tarmac where everyone was jetting off to Cabo on a private plane.

Not quite clear whose jet it was or how they could afford it, but no biggie. The point is to travel in style, n'est-ce pas?

The claws were out and the hissing began the minute Silver realized Adrianna would be coming along for the ride. Fasten your seatbelts for the bumpy ride, indeed.

The death glares emanating from Adrianna towards Silver were priceless. I really enjoyed Adrianna as the bad girl. And the tricks those two played on each other were gleefully devious.

Guacamole-induced "passion?" Switching bottled water for tap? Replacing sunscreen with moisturizer? The nasty trick-playing knew no bounds.

Adrianna showed up at the fiesta pool party screaming like a banshee after Silver's sunscreen trick. Looking like a boiled lobster, Adrianna was seething with rage and attacked Silver.

In a pool scene straight out of Dynasty, the girls went at it until Navid tried to get them to settle their differences once and for all. While it looked like Adrianna and Silver were on the road to reconciliation, I knew the minute Silver told Adrianna she was falling in love with Navid that the ticking of a time bomb had begun.

Teddy tried to play the part of the swinging bachelor until he met a real swinger. Playing the field after running into Marco, the cute boy he hit in the eye with a tennis ball a few episodes back, and screwing up a chance to hook up with him, Teddy ran into Tripp, his old Exeter roommate and his first secret boy crush.

Meeting to catch up over a few beers later that night, Teddy was not looking forward to a night pretending to be straight. Little did anyone know what a turn this "Tripp" would take. Teddy revealed he was gay and made Tripp's dreams come true. Gotta say I didn't see that one coming!

And how hot was that scene between Teddy and Tripp?! I felt as if I was watching an episode of Queer As Folk during the hot kiss they shared before continuing their hookup in Room 126. Too bad it couldn't work out due to the open relationship thing.

Teddy and Tripp had a nice sound to it. At least Teddy realized he's more into monogamy than he thought. Now he can make a go at it with Marco and finally get himself a true boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Naomi and Max were riding the enchanted donkey for all it was worth. Continuing with their student/tutor farce, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. That is, until Max found out Naomi really was failing math. Cracking the whip and withholding sex until Naomi was able to pass a math quiz, Max proved he actually cared for Naomi. I like these two together. Max can hold his own around Naomi and Naomi seems a little more relatable and not as bratty. For now.

Annie may have been in full-on Type A mode what with her schedule planning and non-stop Spanglish but she actually wasn't as annoying as she has been in the past. She acted the way you're supposed to act when on spring break with your boyfriend. It was cute to see Liam being sweet towards her when she was laid up in bed after getting bit by the cheeky monkey. The mariachi band may have been a bit much but the overall gesture went a long way towards making those two seem like an actual couple. Finally. And that souvenir photo was hilarious.

Ivy continued to be the pill she has become. What is it about her that I don't like? Oh, I know. The incessant whining, the woe-is-me attitude and now the dying boyfriend drama. Why can't she just be the happy-go-lucky idiot surfer girl she's meant to be?

She seemed happy when she was able to mend fences with Dixon and be friends again but after scoring some bad weed, her meltdown bordered on histrionic. After revealing her pot habit to Dixon and blathering about Raj dying and her not being able to handle it, Dixon stayed with her while she came down from her bad trip. Back in LA, she stopped ignoring Raj and promised to treasure whatever time they had together.

Poor guy, what a way to spend your final days on earth. 

And death of another sort was imminent when Adrianna showed up at Silver's doorstep looking to be BFFs once again. I knew she was up to something the minute she asked to use Silver's bathroom. Wickedly switching Silver's bipolar meds with some unknown pills, Adrianna made her true intentions known. 

Forgive and forget?  Not in Beverly Hills.

(P.S. And someone please let the writers know "refills" is spelled with two Ls not one. Yeesh.)


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Lawrie I agree!!!O....M...G..!!!!! Adrianna is EFFIN CRAZY!!!! Seriously dude Silver's meds???!!!! Come on!!! This episode was AWESOME!! And the review was great as well! WOW it's been a while since 90210 had me on the edge of my seat, hand over my mouth gasping and eyes popping out!! LOL!! Especially with Teddy!!! I DID NOT see that hook up coming!!
I wasn't buying Silver and Adrianna making amends either; come on, her best friend is dating her ex! And while how they got together was wrong, I like Navid and Silver together. I think they are kinda cute. Adrianna left a bad taste in my mouth with her behavior when her music career took off. Nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.
I absolutely LOVE Naomi and Max together. Like the reviewer, it's nice to see him hold his own with her. I really hope this one works out.
It also felt like Liam and Annie are a real couple now. I've always liked them but this episode you culd actually FEEL some chemistry between those two.
And can my man Dixon get more of a story line???!!!!!??!!!!
I'm looking forward to the rest of this season :-)


adrianna should take some of the pills she stole from silver... that girl is CRAZY!!! i don't like nilver either. silver is one of my favourite persons on the show, but navid is such a bore. how did he manage to become one of the "cool kids"? haha, max has slept with 7 girls. isn't he like 17? ok, i know it's a tv show and they make everyone sleep with everyone else just for a storyline, but ew...


Naomi is 18... aghhh i hate that i missed this episode it was good!!


Navid/Silver have no chemistry and I hate that they ruined Adrianna for them. Max/Naomi are the new couple I'm actually rooting for! :)


adriana wow...you dont have to be friends with the girl, but messing with her medication and then the nude photo that is whack..i would have put your ass behind bars a long time a go. i love navid and silver though i prefer silver and dixon. i want to see adriana pay for her action, the show needs some reality too you know. my rating for the episode 10/10


I loved the episode and the review. :)
I loved the entire episode and everything that went on. It all played out well. :D
I knew that Adrianna was up to no good when she asked to use the bathroom. I remembered how Adrianna would mess with Silver's mental illness. It's so good. I can't wait to see how it plays out. XD
As for the whole Silver and Navid romance, I am not for it. I preferred her with Dixon. They were a good couple. Navid should just get back Adrianna and Dixon with Silver again. However, the chances of that happening are slim to none considering Adrianna character is just ruined now. She's the complete opposite of how we've known her since she was added to the main cast.
It's like she's back on drugs again - minus the drugs. This character best have a brain tumor or split personality disorder. Because Rebecca Sinclair cannot get herself out of this hole. Stupid mole just ruined Adrianna's character! :@


also naomi is my fav as usual..her and max are cute and hilarious...it was sad tho that annie had to get bitten bcuz she was the only one excited to actually explore mexican culture


honestly im pissed off at ade...is u cant b friends wit silver then just dont b but u dont have to sabotage the poor girl...we're talking about her health here


I hate the fact that they destroyed Ade's character for the sole purpose of Silver and Navid.


In Jessica Lowndes' defense, she did an excellent job at portraying a villain. Also, how is it that nobody was hitting on her at the poolside? She looked stunning in her both her orange polka dot bikini and her black and white one.

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