America's Next Top Model Review: "Lana Marks"

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Ah the drama starts to build…in "Lana Marks," the girls are at a simmering, almost boiling point with Alexandria. After Brittani’s major breakdown from the week before, she’s on thin ice and decides to “hug it out” with Alexandria, although it really just seems like the calm before the storm.

Meanwhile, Molly’s just about hit her breaking point with Alexandria as well. The girls take a detour after last week’s panel and hit an art gallery of sorts. I think it’s Tyra’s place with a hall dedicated to all her modeling pictures, the “Hall of Portfolios.” How grand! 

ANTM Pow-Wow

She proceeds to instruct the girls on arranging their own portfolios in a pleasing way for go-sees.  The real news of the night is that the girls will be going to Morocco!! Is that a fashion capital? Not sure, but it sounds fabulous!

The Challenge:

Because Tyra only has five spots on the plane to Morocco, one girl must go home this week. And the go-see challenge starts in LA. Alexandria is stoked of course because she’s from LA.

The rest of the girls are uncertain; go-sees are often the downfall of many a strong candidate because of the time crunch and inability to navigate.

Every go-see is a different theme like girl-next-door or sporty. Molly has major freak-outs during the challenge, sniping at everyone from her driver to no one in particular. She’s remarkably angry but can’t really blame her since her hair still is a mess…

Alexandria’s ass-kissing serves her surprisingly well in the go-see challenge; no one seems to find her grating or bossy…which is a first. In fact, the go-sees think she’s charming! It’s doubly strange because they don’t take too well to Jaclyn, who’s too sweet for them. I would think her Southern charm would shine through.

It seems as though Alexandria will not be on time and yet she barrels through that door with a few seconds to spare!  Seriously, how does she do that? She, Kasia, and Molly are picked as top girls and Alexandria ends up taking the entire challenge because the guest judge, Lana Marks catches Molly giving Alexandria the attitude behind her back.

The Photoshoot:

The news that the girls will shoot in a landfill does nothing to improve Molly’s mood, who’s already sullen that Alexandria won the challenge. For the eco-conscious photoshoot, the girls shoot in a huge landfill of garbage with eco-friendly haute couture. 

The photos really do look quite high fashion and it’s a nice cause to support.  Although some of the girls aren’t too happy about rolling around in garbage, most of them sell the idea, especially Brittani, who is so desperate to redeem herself after last week that she literally rolls in the garbage.

The Judges Table:

It’s officially Alexandria’s Episode; she can do no wrong!  She gets praised for booking all four of her go-sees, winning the challenge, and excelling in her photoshoot. After Brittani apologizes for her actions from last week, the judges also appreciate her efforts and love her photo. 

Of course Alexandria gets first-call out, which just adds fuel to the fire of Brittani and Molly’s rage, while Jaclyn (no!) and Molly end up in the bottom.  Although Jaclyn is clearly the sweetest girl ever and had good photos in the past, the judges decide to send her home anyways.  After all, what’s more important?  Drama or sweet personality?

I’m pretty upset about the way the episode went down, even if all the scowling and the drama was plenty entertaining.  Do you agree with the decisions? 


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I live in Palm Beach County and many years ago was seeking an admin. position and the employment agency got me an interview with Lana Marks. OMG! There is not enough money in the world to pay me to work for this witch. What I observed was very disturbing. She was disrespectful and degrading to me (as an applicant!) and her staff, THEN, she wanted me to come to her the next day as a walk in so she wouldn't have to pay the agency. Oh yeah, like I was going to do that. Then years later I noticed she was capitalizing on her "friendship" with Princess Diana. My guess is she sent her a belt or bag and then tried to pretend they were close friends. She is a tyrant and a bully. BEWARE! Bad Karma will haunt this woman!!!!!


How is it fair that the go sees were in one contestant's home city? In this situation, they should have been allowed to just give the driver the address.


and hannahs pigtails... all i can say is wtf?


OMG i effin hate molly she is such a bitch and the bags under her eyes piss me off and she complains way too much.... she shudda went home instead of jaclyn


i loved molly..but then she has to stop complaining and being angry about anything, hasn't she learned anything from brittani? and she got to stay over jaclyn? sweet jaclyn...


I LOVE Alexandria, she's awesome. I really didn't like her at the beginning, but I love her now. Molly needs to go home, though. Not impressed with her at all. She just complains and moans and whines all the time. It's like being on the show is a burden to her rather than an insane opportunity.


It is really annoying that Molly got to stay when she was constantly complaining. She has not stopped complaining since she got her weave! Jaclyn deserved to stay over Molly, definitely.


Molly's attitude pisses me off and I'm LOVING Alexandria, which is funny considering the fact that my feelings were the exact opposite at the beginning of the season.

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