Claire Forlani Cast on NCIS: Los Angeles; Will She Replace Linda Hunt Next Season?

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Veteran actress Claire Forlani has been cast on NCIS: Los Angeles in the role of operations manager for the Office of Special Projects, according to TV Line and others.

The big news here is that the role is currently occupied by Linda Hunt as diminutive taskmaster Hetty Lange, making for an intriguing and surprising plot development.

Is creator Shane Brennan planning a power struggle for the office's top spot?

Forlani joins the CBS procedural in the recurring role - her character's name is Lauren Hunter - in the penultimate episode of the spring, Tuesday, May 10.

Claire Forlani Photo
Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange

Is Hetty going to be replaced on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Claire Forlani's character, according to reports, is described as “attractive, authoritative, cool and calculating” and in possession of “a dangerous quality that suggests she is much more than your run-of-the mill operations manager.”

That just sounds foreboding, doesn't it?

Both Forlani’s character and Hunt’s Hetty will figure into the second season finale airing May 17, raising the question of who will run the team come September.

We've seen several shakeups at the top on NCIS over the years, so it wouldn't exactly be unprecedented for LA's producers replace pint-sized powerhouse Hetty.

But will they? Should they? And if so, how?

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there are other comments about not wanting C.F. as replacement, I don't think she belongs AT ALL!! Hetty holds the team together & it's so funny how they love/need her, but then are "afraid" of her! She's one tough cookie & I LOVE this show, but won't watch if Hetty isn't in charge! NO WAY C.F. can come CLOSE to being the "great all knowing Hetty!"


Other's have made comments about being unhappy w/o Hetty, but each time I write, I'm not allowed--I don't get it!! This show NEEDS Hetty, she's GREAT!!


I agree with most viewers. If you change the cast, ESP Hetty or Calan, there will be no reason to watch NCIS, LA. I have nothing against Forlani, but she will change the atmosphere of the show. We have been thru enough changes in NCIS; at least you haven't removed Gibbs or Ducky. I hated that we lost Mike. What's the matter, have your writers run out of ideas that you have to remove key players?


Bring Hetty back. Its not the same w/o her. she makes the show.


Have been a fan of NCIS since they spun off from JAG. Then along came NCIS/LA and our family was hooked. Mostly because we love Linda Hunt who always knows how to make it soooo real. Please tell us she is coming back!!!!!!


Replacing Hetty would be a mistake on the producers parts. I can not stand Claire Forlani's character and would much rather go back to stay on CSI: NY with Mac. That said I like the actor that plays Nate and think he was given a raw deal and think he brings something to the show and I also like Nell. I'm not a fan of Deeks at all and think he needs to go back to being on the LAPD.


keep linda hunt on and keep csi ny on i need my gary sinise fix every week


If Linda Hunt leaves the show, so will I (as a viewer that is). Terrible move on the part of the producers.


Do not get rid of Linda Hunt!


I cannot believe anyone is considering replacing Hetty with another unbelievable character. You will lose me if you do this.

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