Claire Forlani Cast on NCIS: Los Angeles; Will She Replace Linda Hunt Next Season?

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Veteran actress Claire Forlani has been cast on NCIS: Los Angeles in the role of operations manager for the Office of Special Projects, according to TV Line and others.

The big news here is that the role is currently occupied by Linda Hunt as diminutive taskmaster Hetty Lange, making for an intriguing and surprising plot development.

Is creator Shane Brennan planning a power struggle for the office's top spot?

Forlani joins the CBS procedural in the recurring role - her character's name is Lauren Hunter - in the penultimate episode of the spring, Tuesday, May 10.

Claire Forlani Photo
Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange

Is Hetty going to be replaced on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Claire Forlani's character, according to reports, is described as “attractive, authoritative, cool and calculating” and in possession of “a dangerous quality that suggests she is much more than your run-of-the mill operations manager.”

That just sounds foreboding, doesn't it?

Both Forlani’s character and Hunt’s Hetty will figure into the second season finale airing May 17, raising the question of who will run the team come September.

We've seen several shakeups at the top on NCIS over the years, so it wouldn't exactly be unprecedented for LA's producers replace pint-sized powerhouse Hetty.

But will they? Should they? And if so, how?

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I was shocked last night to think that Linda Hunt might be replaced. I have nothing against Claire Forlani as she was great on CSI New York, but Linda Hunt absolutely is an asset to NCIS Los Angeles. As they say "don't mess with a good thing" and in this case, Hetty is a very good thing. Please bring her back!!!!


Now that the end of the season has played out, I don't think they could get rid of Hetty even if they wanted to shake things up. We now need to know her familial connection to the Comescus and possibly to Callen (or at least some deeper connection than we know of now). If anything, Lauren Hunter may become a new character on the show in the new season because she obviously is also connected!


I started watching NCIS/LA because of Linda Hunt. She is so good in that role. She is always one step ahead of those guys which she needs to be. She is a strong woman. I also relate to her so much because of her being 4'8. I'm 4'8 and I always gave praise to the producers who realize that height does not make you a great actor, creative endeavor,heart and soul makes you a great actor. Go Linda Hunt. It took me forever to get a teaching job because administrators thought you had to be tall to teach. Come on producers, use the brain God gave you!!!


I already hate Lauren Hunter/Claire Forlani. I wanted to punch that smug cocky face she had. CBS better get rid of her, even if they were to bring Hetty back it would be very difficult to watch the show with Claire Forlani's character. CBS messed with Criminal Minds, now they are messing with NCIS LA, what is the point of find a show worth watching if all the producers are going to do is destroy it.


Why, why do you guys have to change characters consistantly??????? LEAVE well enough alone. Hetty is the best and she is the show. The entire cast clicks just right!!!!!! Leave well enough alone!!!!!!!


I hope Hetty stays. Her dry humor is fabulous and she is just full of surprises. For me, she holds everything together. Love her!


PLEASE, PLEASE keep Linda Hunt, She is GREAT, have loved her since I saw her in "The Year Of Living Dangerously".


Hetty the troll is gone. I close my eyes when she stands there, non acting, and tries to sound like Little Grasshopper's Master. Ugh Gah Lee. Replace her with anyone else, even Charlie Sheen. Please.


Keep Heddy. Don't you even think of replacing her. She's great.


Don't replace Linda Hunt (Hetty)she is the glue that keeps us all coming back for more week after week.

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