Epic Gossip Girl Trailer: Who Will Blair Choose?

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The Prince ... The Pauper ... The Dark Knight.

These three handsome men couldn't be more different - or more determined to win the love of Miss Blair Waldorf. When Gossip Girl returns next Monday night with the first of five straight episodes to close out Season Four, the chase begins.

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight?

The CW's promo for the final five episodes is not your standard promo. It's an epic, dramatic, full-length trailer that should stoke the passions of Dair and Chair 'shippers alike:

What do you think? Blair will choose ...

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i am never watching any tv serials if blair will not end with chuck.............................they are just perfect !!!


blair and chuck:'( if they don't get together i will cry so much, they're meant to be together and everyone knows it, if they don't end up together it will be so dissapointing, when blair and chuck are together, chuck is such a great guy and he's made some mistakes but he always makes up for it because they love eachother so much. it would be a mistake not making them end up together!


I totally agree with you! Chuck and Blair belong together, I am not saying this just because I am a big time chair fan, but because the chemistry and bond between them is so strong that's why they always go back to one another..and as chuck said the pull between them is magnetic...they always find there way back to one another because they have a great love, you don't mess with that :) chair fan from the beginning till the end


if Blair chooses Chuck again... and this time, over Louis... i will never watch Gossip Girl again!


What does Louis say at 1:39? "You have your own knockside?"


@cassidy001 Lol, it's all good. Everyone get's carried away. I do think it's a little hypocritical that Blair uses poor Dan to scheme while lecturing Chuck about the same thing just last episode. Those belong together. Dan is her intellectual equal but he clearly can't keep up.


@LelaRose: LOL, might've gotten a little carried away, but i never post on here and after reading coment after comment about people constantly complaining about chuck, i decided to vent out all my thoughts and frustrations. may have been a bit too much, but i think i made my point:D


1:28 this girl is Charlie!!! not Blair


Team Blouis all the way! We know that Blair gets engaged to Louis but then it seems like she gets married to Chuck at the end which i hope isn't true?! I really hope that Blair will end the season by being engaged to Louis.


@cassidy001 Whoa. Calm down. You're not doing much for Chair fans but going crazy on Dair lovers.

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