Epic Gossip Girl Trailer: Who Will Blair Choose?

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The Prince ... The Pauper ... The Dark Knight.

These three handsome men couldn't be more different - or more determined to win the love of Miss Blair Waldorf. When Gossip Girl returns next Monday night with the first of five straight episodes to close out Season Four, the chase begins.

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight?

The CW's promo for the final five episodes is not your standard promo. It's an epic, dramatic, full-length trailer that should stoke the passions of Dair and Chair 'shippers alike:

What do you think? Blair will choose ...

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Oh, and one more thing. At 1.39 (you can barley tell its something there) But isnt that a wedding?


Im pretty sure its Dan and someone in that sexscene. If you pause you can tell its him. And it might be Blair but it could also be The cousin Charlie?? What do you guys think?


the sex scene is confusing because both chuck and dan are wearing white shirts at the party (i assume the sex happens at some party?) but my money is that its chuck and blair, as a last-time-goodbye-but-i-love-you thing, after he tells he how he really feels. but she'll still get engaged to the prince because the intensity between her and chuck scares her. then season 5 will be chuck maturing, winning back his business and fortune and eventually fidning his way back to her.
i think she and dan will evolve to being friends, good supportive close friends.


In the promo at 1:27 are Dan and Blair having sex?


well Iam a chair fan bit Im ok with the little dair fling I actually want to see them get togather they are cute,we know chair is endgame already whats the harm in having a little fun!!!!


Well Observer I respect your point of view and I get where you're coming from, I think is the same place that makes me say that I don't trust these producers. The only thing I don't see the same way is the Dair foreshadowing, who knows, maybe because I was more Dan Serena focused, I do admit is possible that the writers planned this sex circle all along and foreshadowed all the couples but I never imagined they would pull something like this. I do want to clear that my support to Chuck and Blair isn't because of the sex but I understand why you think this of their fans because some are quite fixated with that, just want to say we are not all like that.


I know people like drama, and Gossip Girl is a 180 from 7th heaven, but there drama and then there is this. The writers have made it even worse by saying Chuck doesn't need reedemption (IMO, he needs it bad and of the divine kind. Yeah, yeah horrible joke). He DOES need it, and just cause he drops the 'because I'm Chuck Bass' catch phrase to get away with half the things he pulls, it doesn't mean it okay. Somehow, i think the writers are determined to make him evil short of the devil in a 'oops did we do that for dramatic effect?' kind of way. Like the hotel exchange (jump-the-shark), sleeping with Jenny (jump-the-shark). But then again, maybe that's what he needs do hit rock (basement-like) bottom, for him to realize that he's lost everything and needs to change. The the writers can oh disappoint us further, and have Blair pick him up again. You know what Chuck needs a girl who won't put up with his crap. Someone who isn't an enabler to his darkness. Because Blair enables it. Deny it all you want, but he's labelled them bad beyond repair and no-one can love them but each other and what does she do, she let's it stick. When he tries growing up and started to concentrate on business, Blair becomes really needy (oh please it's true, and i'm saying it when she's one of my favorite). When she grows he wants to pull her back in when he's in his dark place. What happened to the 'if we're meant to be together then we'll find each other again' he told her? Yes the Prince has come back, but if he believes they'll find each other let her be damn it! Yes, what he needs is a girl who doesn't enable his behaviour and coddle him, but kicks him in the ass despite his 'I'm Chuck Bass' lines. And no not another rich princess(Raina) or prostitute (Eva). NOW i didn't say love, throw chairs at someone else but me, i said he needs someone with him that either coaxes him to change, or makes him change, not for her, but for his own good and sanity. I've never hated Chuck, even if i think he's rather demented, creepy and twisted. Hating characters is silly. Give Chuck and Blair storylines that concentrate on them rather than how they can become a couple again. I want Chuck to give up his issues and grow up. People hurt him, so his going to stick it to the world and hurt everyone else? All he's doing is hurting himself in the process then blaming it on the world. Please that doesn't justify a damn thing. Schemes that ultimately help his step (only) mother, i'm on board for, because Chucky can scheme something wicked. Let's put his twisted talents to good use. But just admit it some of you Chuck/Blair fans you want CB sex back on your screens and that's just about it. On a lighter note, I'm never one to grasp at straws but, the Dan/Blair arc had me inspired enough to watch Season 1 again. People here are always saying no matter what, hell or high water, Serena comes knocking, he'll drop anything and and anyone for her. Yet he went after Blair instead of Serena during the whole photoshoot fiasco in 1x04. He did like her much(she was everything he hated about the UES), didn't care either while he liked Serena he went after her. Blair dissed him about tetnus shots and he still sat down(she let him) and shared something very personal about himself (she didn't interrupt), something Blair would have grasped at and used against him at some point(she never did). But guess what she listened(not to humor him), and considered his subtle advice. After she was back to being Blair, and insulting him in her usual way and he actually laughed! Every moment between them is just so well written always... sigh. I love you, you love me
We hurt each other constantly
With the usual schemes
And a sale of you to him
Won't you spend your life with me? Oh Chucky, Chuckles, what they did to your poor character. Ed is actually a good actor, but look what they've made him do...sigh.


We've seen enough of Chuck & Blair, their failed relationship and their games. It's time for to choose someone else. Someone like Dan. They're total opposites & opposites attract. Unlike Chuck & Blair, they're too much alike which forces them to clash all the time. You got to admit, Dair are the cutest! I would of never of thought that they would ever get together, but now that they have, I can't get enough of them. I just want to see what happens!


I nearly cried when I saw Chuck with the ♥ring♥. "I'm Chuck Bass the love of her life." "Everything that's ever been real has been you." Blair seoursliy you're really realy dumb if you think that you could manage without Chuck! ;DDD The only one who understands her who fixed her in every dificult situation of her life. I kinnda like Dair but the haven't got enough chemistry together. Friends, nothing more. All Dair fans must admit that Chuck and Blair -even if they suck sometimes- are very much connected. They simply NEED to be together. Prince Louis well sweet guy but he is not nearly as strong enough to be with QUEEN B.


she gets engaged to louis.... but i think she ends up with chuck or alone at the end of the season.. however she may end up with dan.. for a bit cause i doubt theyll do chuck and blair again just to break up.. but i miss them yes they both treated each other bad.. season one she only wanted him when nate ended it.. he retaliated.. season 2 he chased her even though she couldnt say i love you either so she chased him.. then got together.. season 3 she used him to get what she wanted.. then he was willing to let her sleep with her uncle for hotel.. even though she went up there on her own. (STILL UNEXCUSABLE) then after she was late he did say hed close his heart to her forever and slept with jenny (DISGUSTING).. but then he didnt actually care if he got shot.. season 4 she told him she didnt love him anymore so he moved on id do the same.. then they get together.. and she ends it cause she wants be powerful and he says theyll end up together.. they both agree and he sees raina.. and she hangs out with dan.. everyone knows it will always be themm what makes me laugh in episode 4.09 everyone loved them.. they were like no dont end, just cause theyve seen her and dan hang out it must be love?.. its him that has feelings for her.. she finds him a true friend.. the viewers say it all... i dont mind if shes with dan for a bit cause i think they are quite cute.. but at end day both blair and chuck have made mistakes.. and he does love her and she loves him and people need realise they will always forgive eachother and that there endgame and so are serena and dan.. as for serena i hate her if shes going to horrible to blair but if my best friend kissed boy im in love with even if have had other bf, then id be the same TEAM DARK KNIGHT

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