Epic Gossip Girl Trailer: Who Will Blair Choose?

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The Prince ... The Pauper ... The Dark Knight.

These three handsome men couldn't be more different - or more determined to win the love of Miss Blair Waldorf. When Gossip Girl returns next Monday night with the first of five straight episodes to close out Season Four, the chase begins.

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight?

The CW's promo for the final five episodes is not your standard promo. It's an epic, dramatic, full-length trailer that should stoke the passions of Dair and Chair 'shippers alike:

What do you think? Blair will choose ...

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I will admit that Gossip Girl has become to angsty for a show targeted to a young audience, I found this to be true not only for Chuck and Blair but for the whole show, but still this is the writers/producers fault for the ludicrous storylines they show us, I don't blame the characters for it, that's why this doesn't interfere with my support for Chuck and Blair. The way I see, the production of this show can't have my trust, not only for what they have done to this show, but also because they ruined The O.C. (even if Misha Barton was going balistic they didn't have to kill her character), which is why when I see certain storylines all the alarm bells start ringing in my head. @kittiwitti: Fine, I won't go into a relationship with somebody like Chuck, but that also should apply for every single person who saw the character Doug Ross in E.R. and how he behaved, which may I remind everybody, was the character that made George Clooney famous, and I have never heard anybody speak a single critical word towards that character.


Everyone is falling for blair... how dump nate is for letting her go???


I realized something Blair actually says Dan's name instead of Humphrey. She may hold feelings for him after all :O


@Mathilda But thats exactly it... I find Chuck really unentertaining to watch. He never offers up that cheeky humor from season 1 & 2. Its all silly drama now, repeated over and over and its dull.
Dan and Blair have entertained me far more last few episodes and that is why I support that shoreline- its so much better written.
Of course none of it is realistic, I don't want it to be. But it does need to be fun, humorous and balance the heavy drama with some light wit. That's what entertainment is all about.


Its funny how Chair fans are all obsessive. Go head into a relationship with a man like Chuck and you will definitely understand why there are others who despise him.


BTW I support Chuck and Blair, I just want the show to stop punching them.


Probably but if the characters in gossip girl were like normal people then I wouldn't watch the show. I see your point though and I agree but I watch this show to be entertained and the Chuck and Blair relationship IS very captivating not to mention hot!:)


To all the haters: this is dramatic TV show, not an after school special, and frankly there have been far more dramatic couples in other shows, Doug and Carol from ER, anyone? The General Hospital guy in the 80's that raped the girl and still they were endgame at the end? (and that's beyond unforgivable in my book). I'm just praying GG writers don't go much too far with Chuck and Blair, enough is enough.


She's gonna choose Dan cos Dan and her kissed and she told Chuck that she would kiss the person she loved at the end of the episode 'Dr. Estrangeloved'


@mswesley It's called "Fearless" by X

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