Epic Gossip Girl Trailer: Who Will Blair Choose?

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The Prince ... The Pauper ... The Dark Knight.

These three handsome men couldn't be more different - or more determined to win the love of Miss Blair Waldorf. When Gossip Girl returns next Monday night with the first of five straight episodes to close out Season Four, the chase begins.

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight?

The CW's promo for the final five episodes is not your standard promo. It's an epic, dramatic, full-length trailer that should stoke the passions of Dair and Chair 'shippers alike:

What do you think? Blair will choose ...

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Team Dan!!
He brings out the softer side of Blair, he is good for her in contrast for the last 4 years which she was with Chuck. Their relationship is quite on the dark side of the fence and had causes so much pain and agony in her part.


does anyone know the song?


@Mathilda: When you say Chuck loves Blair like crazy, you base this on what?
If someone treated you like Chuck did Blair in real life you would not think he loved you like crazy. you'd think that you're in an abusive relationship and should get the hell out! Frankly, reading all the obsessive Chair comments makes me realise how women are prepared to be treated by some men in the name of "true love". It's just sad.


Why do people like Dair, I don't understand!! In my opinion Dan is too good for Blair look how she's been treating him for all these seasons. (Before anyone kills me, I love Blair she's amazing but not to Dan)Chair all the way!!!Ok, Chuck's been treating Blair like dirt many times but at least he loves her (like crazy!). To make Dair a couple would make these last 4 seasons a total waste cause honestly it's all been a big build up for the chair engagement. I think that this storyline is going to be awsome, watching Chuck realising his mistakes and Dan and Blairs FRIENDSHIP continue in the same cute way as before (minus the kiss, that was wierd and not really romantic not that I mind.) Louis is just a tool to create tension and suspence for the Chair-storyline.


THIS IS WHAT I CALL OMFG!I think she'll get engaged to the prince but she'll definitely end up with chuck!


so im engaged but if blair and chuck dont end up together im not gonna say yes to him at the alter


chuck:"on the topic of mistakes, do you know what i might of made to cause blair to cut me off?"
hmmm how about when you decided to chase some masked prostitute when blair needed you, or when you traded her for a hotel? or shoved your open love for eva in her face, or how less then 24hr before you decided to go after blair, all you were thinking about was reina???? srsly chuck? come on....


I like your comment, Observer.


I am so excited for the episodes to return! I want Chair in the end, but I have a feeling she is going to get engaged to Prince Louis. The promo was so intense, love it!


JUST IN SOMEONE on gossip girl IS PREGGAs, thats right, up the duff, Bun in the Oven, but what ever way you look at it...OMG
Wheather this entails one of the main charaacters such as; Blair, Serena,etc. or one of the recurring characters such as Lily, Vanessa, Etc. Is still unknown OMG, OMG, OMG

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