Epic Gossip Girl Trailer: Who Will Blair Choose?

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The Prince ... The Pauper ... The Dark Knight.

These three handsome men couldn't be more different - or more determined to win the love of Miss Blair Waldorf. When Gossip Girl returns next Monday night with the first of five straight episodes to close out Season Four, the chase begins.

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight?

The CW's promo for the final five episodes is not your standard promo. It's an epic, dramatic, full-length trailer that should stoke the passions of Dair and Chair 'shippers alike:

What do you think? Blair will choose ...

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wow. love the promo! i'm sure she'll choose that booooring prince b/c everybody wants to see blair with dan (or chuck) and the writers never do what the fans want. :-I i'd really like to see blair with dan, i'm sure they'd be good for each other. but as i said, i'm sure the writers will always find a way to tease a couple and then take the whole storyline away completely. that's the only bad thing about gossip girl, the worst couples (serena&nate, blair&nate, blair&that prince) end up together.


Chair fans are completely idiotic. If you think Chuck is perfect for Blair, and that they are "endgame" (f-ing hate that word)you are sorely mistaken. If he's any fans supposed perfect match, good luck with your douchey, slutty, emotionally abusive husband you airheads. Dair all the way.


So, Chair fans,you say you love Blair. Blair want Price or Dan or Ben or Jack or Dimo(that sell drag)..or someone else....to be togther, and you get mad ??
Blairs love one i support even not Chuck, but you just only Chair
is it??


i want to see Blair having sex with someone else . She just has sex with Nate and Chuck ; its few. So boring....
i want to see Blair has sex with Prince or Dan or Ben or her teacher or someone else. Not always Chuck.


please god may Blair choose Chuck, they are destine to be together,I´m Chair fan at heart, I hope and pray that in the end of season 4 of G.G blair and chuck get engaged to get married. go TEAM CHAIR AND TEAM DARK NIGHT.


Yay! Go Dan and Blair!
Chuck is one dimensional AND abusive- ENOUGH.
Time for some real fun again :)


And sorry for the double past, but I have to give it to Serena. Suddenly, Blair and Dan have a connection, but that all changes when a real prince shows up? Man, c'mon, writers! Give the hope that this show has redeemed itself and not fallen into utter, stupid madness! Go Team Pauper!!!


I just want dair. Is that such a bad thing to ask for? I've waited for a very long time for this. I mean, I was totally for Chair, but season 3 ruined it for me because I realized that - when those two are in a reltionship - they are boring as sin and the only time that they were good was when they were scheming or backstabbing someone or each other, or playing mind games or trying to one up someone. They could never do NORMAL couply things because their relationship would be stagnant. But Dair? Dair? Oh the possibilities are endless!


The fairytale is back on :)
Such a lovely Blair thing to say.


go Observer! totally agree with some points there. dan is not boring! he's a writer! love blair and dan and would love to see something more develop between these two, give chair a break please. also one change, jenny should be with nate, it's been far too long. x

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