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Glee Goes Gaga in Promo For "Born This Way" Episode

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Glee is paying homage to the Mother Monster once again.

New Directions performs Lady Gaga's latest smash hit, “Born This Way,” in a 90-minute episode airing April 26. Below is a promo offering a sneak peek of that event.

In the episode, titled “Born This Way,” episode, Mr. Schuester teaches the glee club a valuable lesson about self-acceptance and embracing what makes you unique.

What better way to do that than through the music of Lady Gaga. Glee actually returns a week earlier (April 19), but here's the teaser for the super-sized episode:

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im more excited about Brittany being smart.
over GaGa and Glee's neverending bullying storyline im glad its coming to an end. Better be worth it...


I've had a thought, apparently Santana is going to try to cover up her being gay by running into the arms of another bloke, what if the guy is Dave and then she finally comes out properly about being gay and he's angry so he slushies her? Just a theory...


this is the worse show I ever saw you suck


Ouch! Karofsky Shouldn't Slushy Santana, she will be after him.


"A new brain power." Lol Brittany is so funny. And Blaine going against Karofsky! Aww I just love Blaine. @Fizzy you are so right. If Karofskt messes with Santana he is SO going down!


Karofsky does NOT need to get on Santana's radar haha...he's so going down. She and Her super perceptiveness will find out he's gay in no time.


All that's left is Brittany (to be slushied)


Oooh, Dave slushied Santana (so close too, ouch)! Can't wait for Blaine to put him in his place.:D


Can't wait! Now almost every single glee club member has been slushied.


@aries93 it's santana

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